The Clock Tower education pack is aimed at students at Key Stage 2 of the English curriculum and focuses on an important aspect of Coalville's heritage, the First World War and how those who gave their lives are commemorated on war memorials. It supports learning about an aspect of local history, as well as linking with English, Computing, Art, Mathematics, Design and Technology.

The resources were designed in consultation with primary school teachers to ensure that they are appropriate for the modern classroom and provide an interactive and engaging learning experience for pupils. The Pack is grouped into two Topics:

  • Topic 1 – Why is there a Memorial Clock Tower in Coalville? 
  • Topic 2 – Make a Clock Tower and reimagine Memorial Square

There is flexibility within the pack to pick and choose from tasks, and we fully expect that teachers will identify and retrieve the information that they need to complete each of the given tasks depending on the time available and the abilities of their students.

We have given an indication of the length of time needed for each task and signposted links to further information and resources should teachers wish to spend longer on any given subject or task.


Richard Dax, headteacher, Belvoirdale Primary School said:
"The education pack form a wonderful starting point for any creative practitioner who wishes to challenge pupils in a cross-curricular way. They provide natural links between subjects and allow the pupils to be fully immersed in the subject, supporting complete emotional engagement in a number of fascinating historical subjects."

Rachel Moores, teacher, Belvoirdale Primary School said:
"Practical activities bring a famous local event to life and children will have a memorable learning experience. The learning tasks provide an opportunity for team building between small groups of pupils or whole class learning. They encourage discussion and challenge pupils to solve problems formed in the past but that are still relevant today."

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