Many people think it's not worth paying for contents insurance - until they need it of course...

If you're a council tenant, you are entitled to apply to join the THCI scheme. Protect the belongings in your home against loss or damage, theft, fire and flood.

The minimum value of possessions you can insure for is £4,000 and can extend up to £40,000 for which a higher premium is charged.

Extended accidental damage and optional extensions - such as personal possessions (cover away from the home), wheelchairs/mobility scooters, hearing aids and buildings cover for garages and greenhouses - are all available for an additional premium.

For more information and an application form, please contact Rent Accounting on 01530 454798 or Customer Services on 01530 454545

Don't forget

North West Leicestershire District Council does not automatically insure your home contents. This is your responsibility! If you suffered a burst water pipe, damage by fire or even burglary, you will not receive any financial help from us with repairs or replacement of your personal belongings - unless you have taken out tenant's contents insurance.

The home contents insurance market is very competitive - you might get a better deal approaching any one of the major insurance companies or by using a price comparison website.

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