HandwashingEffective hand washing is key in the battle against the spread of bacteria - and viruses like food poisoning and swine flu - because it significantly reduces the spread of germs.

So we offer all food businesses, child nurseries, residential care homes and education establishments free hand washing advice.

You can find out how well your staff are cleaning by using our 'bug detecting hand wash machine'.

Many infections are spread by germs that we come into contact with indirectly - by touching door/ fridge handles, cleaning cloths and even telephones and light switches.

Our hand wash machine adds a layer of special bug lotion - and shows up the areas often missed when washing your hands, together with the cracks and crevices where germs like to hide.

This simple but effective test acts as a visual aid to show that our hands may not be as clean as we think.

If you would like a member of the Environmental Health team to visit your premises in order to provide this advice then please call 01530 454545.

Last updated: Thu 17 April, 2014 @ 09:24