Many people do not plan to move home in later life.

But if you are finding it difficult to manage, but would like to stay put, there are ways you can make life easier or safer.

And it you're thinking about moving, there are a number of communities designed just for older people - including sheltered homes provided by us. 

If you feel you need daily care, there are also choices to make - between care in your home, care in a special housing setting, or moving into a care home.

Contact our Housing Choices team for advice.

Elderly Accommodation Council

The Elderly Accommodation Counsil (EAC) is a charity set up to help older and elderly people make informed choices about their housing, support and care needs.

EAC provides free advice and information service to elderly people, their families and advisors. Phone EAC on 020 7820 1343, email or visit the EAC website for advice on:

Last updated: Thu 26 April, 2018 @ 15:17