Top tasks:

Keeping our neighbourhoods clean and tidy 

Litter is simply people leaving their waste in parks, streets, stuck to pavements or dropping it out of the car window. It can be anything from a small piece of chewed gum to large bags of rubbish.

Put together, these small and large pieces of litter can make an area look untidy - and with your help we can clean up our neighbourhoods.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, we can issue an immediate fixed penalty for £150 if we catch someone littering - and if convicted in court you could face a fine of up to £2,500.

It really helps if you report any acts of littering you see to us on .  To find out more about our complaints procedure please refer to our Littering offence (PDF Document, 0.27 Mb) and Fly tipping (PDF Document, 0.32 Mb) offence documents.

Zero Litter Campaign

The council has taken its latest step in reducing litter across the district by announcing a £15,000 funding for its volunteer litter picking scheme.  The scheme was announced as one part of the councils two year Zero Litter Campaign which aims to tackle the district’s litter problems including fly-tipping and dog fouling.

Community litter picks and Volunteer litter pickers

You can organise your own, or join in with an existing litter pick in your area. There is also the option to become a Green Footprints Litter Picker, to occasionally pick litter in your area when you are out and about, then we would love to hear from you.

Email or call us on 01530 454545 to find out more, quoting 'Community Litter Pick' or 'Green Footprints Litter Picker'.

Free equipment

Volunteer litter pickers in North West Leicestershire can now register and sign up to receive free litter picking equipment including hi-visibility vests, litter pickers and collection bags.

You can register as a volunteer and receive equipment here or, you can contact your local parish or town council, visit our dedicated web page here.

Staying safe when litter picking

Our community litter pickers do a great job at helping to keep our district clean and tidy but it’s important to remember to stay safe whilst you’re out and about. Read our helpful Guidance for Volunteer Litter Pickers 2021 (PDF Document, 2.12 Mb)

Litter collections 

If you've litter picked recently, book a collection for your bagged litter here.

Schools package

The Environmental Protection Team is committed to looking after the physical environment and providing information for future generations.  We offer free workshops tackling littering, dog fouling, fly tipping, and graffiti issues.

With changes in national government legislation, and the introduction of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, we believe it is important to help young people understand the consequences of neglect and to find ways in which we can improve the quality of our local environment. 


If you would like to organise some free activities please contact us at North West Leicestershire District Council, Environmental Protection Team on 01530 454600         

Lorry Litter Charter

North West Leicestershire District Council has received the backing of Pall-Ex to become the first Council in the East Midlands to launch a campaign tackling lorry and car litter.

Each day litter is found dumped at lay-bys across the district and includes items such as bottles of urine, bags of human excrement, discarded magazines, drink cans, food packaging and tyres. An e-survey of commercial drivers by Keep Britain Tidy revealed that 22% admitted to having dropped an item of litter out of their vehicle in the past six months.

To find out more about the Lorry Litter Campaign, click the link

Last updated: Mon 6 February, 2023 @ 15:41