The previous version of the SHELAA was published in 2019 and can be viewed below:

Prior to this, the previous version which was published in February 2018.  This can be viewed below:

The 2018 SHELAA was undertaken in accordance with the agreed Leicester and Leicestershire SHELAA Joint Methodology - March 2017 (PDF Document, 0.52 Mb).

Prior to the production of the 2018 SHELAA the Council produced separate Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAAs) and Economic Land Availability Assessments (ELAAs). 

These can be viewed below:

Please note, some of the site codes were changed between the 2009 SHLAA and the 2010 SHLAA. A spreadsheet which details the coding changes is available: SHLAA 2009 and SHLAA 2010 Codes (Excel Spreadsheet, 0.1 Mb)

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