The Council is responsible for preparing and keeping up to date a Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) to help inform future plan making in the district. 

We published the 2019 version of our SHELAA in July 2019. 

The SHELAA is effectively a ‘long list’ of potential development sites that have been identified from a variety of sources.  These sources include sites currently being marketed, sites with planning permission and from a ‘Call for Sites’ exercise undertaken in 2018 when we invited landowners, developers and their agents to submit information to us about sites within the district that they wanted to put forward for development for either housing or employment uses. 

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local planning authorities to have a clear understanding of the land available in their areas, which is what a SHELAA does.  We can then use the SHELAA to help identify potential sites for allocation in the Local Plan review. At that point, sites will be assessed against a wide range of criteria to decide the most appropriate sites to include in the Local Plan.

For the SHELAA, only a broad assessment of each site has been undertaken (in accordance with the agreed Leicester and Leicestershire SHELAA Joint Methodology - 2019 (PDF Document, 1.38 Mb)) and a submitted site can only be excluded from the SHELAA if it has one of 4 specific constraints.  The inclusion of a site within the SHELAA does not therefore provide any indication of the Council’s view of its acceptability for future development. 

Likewise, any inclusion of sites within the document does not necessarily mean that a site will be included in the reviewed Local Plan nor does it imply or guarantee that planning permission would be granted, now or in the future, should an application be submitted for consideration.

Please note: The SHELAA is correct as at 31 March 2019.  It will therefore not take account of any changes since then (e.g. planning permissions granted, starts on site, etc).


The latest SHELAA can be viewed below:

Call for Sites/Submit A Site

Our latest call for sites closed on 21 October 2020. The sites submitted will be considered for inclusion in a review of the SHELAA. 

If you have missed this deadline and wish to submit a site for consideration in a future itertation of the SHELAA, please download the form from our Submit a Site page. 

Previous documents

The previous SHELAA was published in February 2018.  Prior to this, the Council prepared separate Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAAs) and Economic Land Availability Assessments (ELAAs).  All of these documents can be viewed on the previous SHLAA/ELAA documents webpage.

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