What should I do if I can't pay my rent?

Contact us as soon as you start having problems paying your rent.

You should contact your Housing Officer, and remember:

  • Don't ignore the problem - help is available and we won't judge
  • Get in touch as soon as you realise you are falling behind with your rent.

What happens next?

We can discuss the problems you are facing.

We can help if you are having genuine difficulties and remember:

  • We want to help
  • We can offer you practical advice
  • We will try and make an affordable and reasonable agreement to reduce arrears.

Who else might be able to help me?

Our Housing Officers deal with rent problems. They can arrange for you to pay off your rent arrears over a period of time and remember:

  • If you talk and follow their advice, the situation can be brought under control at an early stage

  • They can make a reasonable repayment agreement with you

  • They can give advice about benefits and budgeting

  • They can refer you to other people who can help

  • Our Housing Officer teams are also trained to offer debt advice and you should contact them in the first instance.

I have received a letter showing I owe rent. What should I do?

You will receive a reminder letter if you owe us one week's rent or more and have not made an agreement with us to repay it. It is important you reply within five days of recieving this letter. By doing this we can help stop your debt getting too large and remember:

  • Read the letter carefully

  • Do not ignore it

  • Contact the sender

  • We want to help.

What happens if I ignore the first letter?

If you have not contacted us to make an agreement within five days of the first letter, one of our housing officers will contact you. 

Will an officer call about my rent?

An officer may visit you if there is no reduction in the arrears, or you fail to make a payment arrangement. The officer can discuss the situation with you, give you advice and make an agreement to reduce the arrears. Please remember:

  • Do not ignore the problem

  • Make payments as agreed

  • Contact the officer if you are unable to pay. They will help, or arrange for you to see someone who can.

Remember - if you don't pay you could be evicted

Last updated: Mon 6 November, 2017 @ 14:47