It's never our desire to evict tenants - but your home is at risk if you don't keep to your tenancy agreement or any other conditions. This includes not paying the rent. We aren't a soft touch - but we will help you try to pay before we try to evict you for not paying. 

What happens if I break an agreement?

We will begin legal action by serving a 'notice' against you.

Please remember:

  • Tell us if you can't pay
  • Don't ignore the problem and please contact us
  • Always try to make some payment
  • It is not too late to make an arrangement to pay.

I have received a notice - what should I do?

This is a legal document showing our intention to proceed with court action to gain possession of your home, and recover money you owe. It is not an eviction notice, but remember:

  • Don't ignore it.It is the first step in legal proceedings
  • Contact the sender - don't delay
  • It is not too late to make an arrangement to pay

I have received a court summons - what should I do?

Even though you have received a Summons, this does not mean you will automatically lose your home.
You should keep paying your rent, and an agreed amount off the arrears until the hearing.
Please remember:

  • Don't ignore this Summons
  • Contact your housing officer for advice and assistance. They can help make sure you're receiving benefits if you are entitled to do so
  • Your housing officer can also give you basic advice about managing other debts
  • If you have a lot of other debts and dealing with them is causing rent problems, you should contact the CAB or CVS. They can give more detailed debt advice
  • Complete and return the forms sent to you by the Court
  • Attend the Court hearing
  • After the hearing, continue to pay as ordered by the Court.

Can I be evicted?

We will apply for an eviction if you do not keep to your Court order. We will make every effort to contact you before we take this course of action. Remember, the earlier you take action or get advice the better.

  • It is more difficult to make arrangements at a late stage.
  • It is still possible to retain your tenancy, but you must take steps to help resolve the arrears.

Our aim is to keep tenants in their home and not evict them, but this needs your cooperation. Remember our housing service is always available to give advice and guidance.

Finally, please remember, don't ignore the problem:

  • The earlier you contact us, the more help we can give
  • We can offer you practical advice and assistance
  • Make regular payments
  • Apply for benefit to help with your rent payments.

Last updated: Thu 24 April, 2014 @ 15:22