You can report fraud in several ways

By phone:

This is the National Benefit Fraud Hotline, open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

0800 854 440

Textphone: 0800 328 0512 


On the Report benefit fraud website.

By post:

Mail Handling Site A 
WV98 2BP 

Do I have to give my name if I call the Fraud Hotline?

No. You can stay anonymous.

But it can sometimes help investigators if they can speak to you again - you may have more useful information.

If you do want to leave your contact details, this information can't be given to anyone without your permission.

The person you’re reporting won't be told who made the report and if the case goes to court you won't be called as a witness.

What happens after you report someone?

We’ll look at the information you’ve given and check the person's claim.

Investigations can sometimes take months to complete, and we aren't allowed to tell you the outcome.

Sometimes no action is taken.  The person may already have declared a change in their circumstances or their claim isn't affected by what you report.

For more information, visit - Benefit fraud.

Last updated: Tue 26 March, 2024 @ 15:10