Bird Scarers and Deterrents

Often in the spring months, farmers use bird scarers and deterrents to protect their crops from wild birds. These can be auditory or visual. However, if used recklessly they can cause a nuisance to the public. In order to prevent this from happening, there are simple steps which farmers can take to avoid causing problems for members of the public

  • Position scaers as far apart from each other as possible and hide them 
  • Increase the effectiveness of the scarer
  • Reduce the need for scarers
  • Choose a scarer appropriate for the location
  • Use timed auditory scarers

What to do if a bird scarer is causing you a nuisance

If you believe that a bird scarer is being used inconsiderately, then If you believe you should politely speak or write to the person or organisation responsible. Many farmers are often unaware of the problem their bird scarer may be causing and will be willing to help.

If this does not work, then please get in touch. In order for us to help as best we can, please provide:

  • Information on the location of the issue
  • The farmer involved
  • Frequency of the bird scarer firing

Report a noise nuisance issue

The Environmental Protection Act 1990

This identifies a number of issues which can constitute a nuisance - including the noise from a bird scarer. It is the legislation that we use to enforce if we deem a statutory nuisance to be occurring. Whether or not a statutory nuisance exists depends on several factors - including the severity duration, frequency and whether it would intefere with the 'average' person's reasonable enjoyment of the property. 

Read more about the Environmental Protection Act

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