We understand how annoying strange/obnoxious odours can be. So we provide a service which can help resolve many odour problems, though not all. 

We can only deal with odour nuisance from commercial activities. Domestic activities are exempt, but we may be able to handle complaints about commerical activites carried out on domestic premesis.

Odour problems come in many forms. It could be a persistent odour from a business, or could be very intermittent in nature

For many people, excessive obnoxious odour can be a source of irritation and stress that can interfere with an individual's right of peace and enjoyment of their home.

Frequently, problems regarding odour can be resolved informally by politely explaining the problem to the maker and trying to come to a compromise.

People are often unaware that they are causing a problem and most will be glad to do what they can to reduce the problem. The majority of odour complaints are resolved informally.

But this informal approach may not always be successful and the council may have to take a more formal approach, using powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

How do I make a complaint?

If you feel unable to speak to your neighbour or your requests are being ignored please contact environmental.protection@NWLeicestershire.gov.uk

The Environmental Protection Act 1990

This identifies a number of issues which can constitute a nuisance - including noise, odour, accumulations or deposits, dust etc.

Whether or not a Statutory Nuisance exists depends on several factors - including the severity, duration, frequency and whether it would interfere with the 'average' person's reasonable enjoyment of their property.

Read more about the Environmental Protection Act 1990

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