Applications are considered by Planning Committee item by item, normally as listed in the agenda (although the Chairman can amend the order if they think it will help the meeting run smoothly).

The Chairman will invite the planning officer to present their report. They will use the display in the room to show photos of the site, any artists’ impressions and other materials.  At the current time, this is displayed by a powerpoint presentation online.

Once they have spoken, the Chairman will invite any registered speakers to make their representations.

The debate

The Chairman will open the debate to members. 

No speeches can be made until a 'motion' has been moved and seconded;

A member may move a motion to:

  • Permit / refuse in line with an officer recommendation
  • Permit / refuse approval against an officer recommendation
  • Defer an application (if they do not feel that they have enough information to make a decision).

The debate is governed by the Rules of Debate. 

Decision making

Any application or motion will be decided by a simple majority of those present and voting in the room at the time the question was put.

If most members vote to refuse an application, it does not mean that the application is granted because the members may decide to defer the application.

Likewise if most members vote against permitting, it doesn’t mean that the application is refused.

In both cases a further vote must be taken to confirm the view of the committee and where members refuse against an officer recommendation the members must specify planning reasons for the refusal.

Chairman’s casting vote 

If there are equal numbers of votes for and against, the Chairman will have a second or casting vote. There is no restriction on how the Chairman chooses to exercise a casting vote. 

Show of hands

Unless a recorded vote is demanded, the Chairman will take the vote by a show of hands.

Recorded vote

If a member at the meeting requests it, the names for and against the motion or amendment and those abstaining from voting can be taken down in writing and entered into the minutes. 

The names of each member present are called out in alphabetical order and the votes for and against the motion are recorded before being announced by the Chairman.

After the decision

Once an application is permitted or refused, a Decision Notice must be issued. 

Read more abut Decision Notices

Amendments and adjournments

Members can amend officer recommendations and request an adjournment for various reasons. 

Read more about amendments and adjournments

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