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From this page you can report any issues and order new or replacement recycling containers and bins.

Recycling containers, garden waste bins and refuse bins

You can use as many red boxes, blue bags and yellow bags as you need for your recycling. They can be ordered online at no additional cost.

If you need a new bin, replacement or repair for your refuse or garden waste bin, you can do this online.

How long will my delivery take?

We will try our best to deliver your bins and containers in the timeframes below, but please bear with us if your delivery takes a little longer.

These timeframes also apply if you have already ordered a recycling container or bin. Our team is working hard to clear any backlog.

Yellow bags

Deliveries of yellow bags may take up to five weeks. This is due to shipping delays caused by the ongoing incidents off the coast of Yemen, whilst longer shipping routes are used.

Whilst you wait for your order to arrive, please flatten your cardboard and put it into cardboard boxes no bigger than 2ft x 2ft (around the size of a red box).

Red boxes and blue bags

Deliveries of red boxes and blue bags may take up to four weeks.

Wheeled bins

Wheeled bin repairs and replacements may take up to eight weeks.

Please follow our advice for putting out extra recycling whilst you wait for your recycling containers to arrive. Recycling, refuse and garden waste can also be taken to your local Recycling and Household Waste Site.

Moving house?

If you are moving into a newly built property, please order bins and recycling containers online.

If you are moving house (into an existing property) and need a refuse or garden waste bin, please order one here.

If you are moving house (into an existing property) and need recycling containers, please order them here.

Refuse bin sizes

Please note in 2013 the Council's refuse and recycling collections policy resulted in a reduction in the size of the standard wheeled bin for refuse from a 240 litre wheeled bin to a smaller 180 litre wheeled bin. Therefore the refuse bin you receive may be smaller than the one you have now.

Food waste collection trial

We're currently running a weekly food waste collection trial with 4000 households in the district. If you are on the trial, you can order more food waste liners and replacement containers online.

Last updated: Wed 24 January, 2024 @ 10:33