What you can do to help

Sometimes it's hard to get all your waste into the containers - particularly around Christmas.

So take a few steps to make sure your waste doesn't escape before the crews get a chance to collect it.

Please separate glass bottles from your plastic bottles and cans

This makes the collections quicker and safer for the crews. It also means are crews are quicker on the move to improve traffic. You can request as many red boxes as you need online. 

The crews really appreciate your efforts - thank you!

Please don’t put recycling in plastic bags

Due to the way we process your recycling, we cannot accept recycling in plastic bags - find out why. If you require extra boxes or bags for your recycling you can order them online or call 01530 454545.

You can also follow our advice for putting out extra recycling.


Textiles can be placed in plastic carrier bags, as they don't go through the same sorting same process as the rest of your recycling. We legally cannot collect textiles in charity bags or black bags, so please leave them in a plastic carrier bag (with the top tied) next to your recycling for us to collect. 

Please squash and squeeze your plastic bottles and metal cans

Flattening plastic bottles and metal cans/tins can help you to fit more recycling in your red boxes and in the recycling vehicle. This means fewer trips to unload, less mileage, less fuel, and fewer emissions.


The lids should be fitted tightly, and the flaps on the paper and cardboard bags can be fastened using the Velcro strap. If you just need a lid you can order spares online.

Last updated: Mon 18 March, 2024 @ 10:18