Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election 

The first preference votes for the Leicestershire PCC election were as follows:

  • Rupert Matthews (Conservative)  - 121,252 (49.27%)
  • James Moore (Liberal Democrat) – 42,951 (17.45%)
  • Ross Willmott (Labour) – 81,898 (33.28%)

Due to the no candidate winning with more than 50% of the vote, second preference votes were then counted as James Moore (Liberal Democrat), was eliminated from the race.

The results after the second preference count are:

  • Rupert Matthews (Conservative)  - 135,566
  • Ross Willmott (Labour) –  102,211

Rupert Matthews (Conservative) is duly elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire.

The overall turnout for the PCC election is 31.11%

Leicestershire County Council election

This election was counted on the afternoon of Friday 7 May and all the results can be found on the County Council website.

District by-elections

District council by-election results for Thursday 6 May:

Worthington & Breedon District

Raymond Morris (Conservative) - 696 (ELECTED)

Gregory Parle (Labour) -139

Gareth Shilton (Green) - 104

Paul Tyler (Lib Dem) - 60

Ibstock East

Liz Fletcher (Green) - 41

Carissma Griffiths (Labour) - 164

Jenny Simmons (Conservative) -355 (ELECTED)

David Wyatt (Lib Dem) - 54

Parish council by-election

Packington Parish Council 

Robert Herrity (Independent Motivated High Street Resident) - 135

Russell Powell - 228 (ELECTED)

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