Energy rebate scheme - £150 to help with increased home energy costs

The government has provided a support package to help households with the increase in energy costs.

These measures include a one-off £150 non-repayable rebate for households in England in council tax bands A to D, known as the council tax rebate.

This is a payment of £150 per eligible household and is not a reduction off your council tax bill. There is one payment per household regardless of the number of occupants or council taxpayers named on the bill.

Everyone who qualifies for the rebate will be paid. Government expects local authorities to have made payments under this scheme by September 2022. Of course, we appreciate that people are facing a cost of living crisis now and we are doing all we can to make these payments as soon as possible.

Residents with a council tax banding of A to D who don’t pay council tax by direct debit are reminded to claim their £150 energy rebate if they haven’t done so. Post Office vouchers for the £150 energy rebate, that were issued by post in June 2022, have now expired.

To claim your £150 please call us on 01530 454545, selecting the energy rebate option 3, then option 1, or email before Friday 23 September to ensure that your payment is processed well before the closure date of 30 September 2022.

Advice and support for anyone struggling financially is available from Citizens Advice and Money Saving Expert.

Energy rebate discretionary fund

For those households who need help with their energy bills but are not eligible for the main energy rebate payment, a discretionary scheme is available.

Payments for this scheme must be made by the end of November. 

How we're making payments

Cash payment through the Post Office

We are issuing letters using the Post Office pay-out voucher scheme to make the payment for:

  • People who are eligible, but did not have an active direct debit already set up on their council tax account on 1 April 2022, and
  • Where we were unable to exactly match the bank details for those paying by direct debit

We expect all letters to have been issued by the end of June.

Anyone who was named as a liable person on the council tax account on 1 April 2022 can collect the payment from the Post Office with appropriate identification. 

Accepted identification: 

  • Valid / expired passport
  • Valid photo driving licence UK / EU
  • Armed forces identification card
  • Other photo identification (e.g. bus pass)
  • Student identification
  • Blue badge
  • Bus pass
  • Formal identification card (work, armed forces, police)
  • Tachograph card
  • Local authority taxi licence badge.

If you cannot collect the payment in person due to mobility reasons, we can issue a letter to allow you to nominate someone to take the letter with identification to collect the payment on your behalf. Please call us on 01530 454545 and follow the options for the Energy Rebate Scheme to speak to the relevant team.

You do not need to apply for this or to hand over any bank account information - it will be sent automatically to all eligible households.

Important - if someone contacts you saying they’re from the council and asks you to provide your bank details, put the phone down immediately, it’s a scam.

The council will never contact you to ask for your bank details by phone, email, or text. For advice on identifying scams and reporting suspicious emails, phone calls and text messages please visit Action Fraud ( and NCSC's suspicious email reporting service (SERS) (

Please do not telephone or email us as all information is provided here.

Automatic payments for Direct Debit accounts

A payment of £150 will be made direct to the bank account that is held on your council tax account if: 

  • You currently occupy a property that meets the eligibility criteria for this scheme, and
  • You pay your council tax by direct debit, and
  • The name(s) of the bank account you pay your council tax from matches the name(s) on the council tax bill, 
  • (Only applicable for those that have an instalment collected in April 2022).

If this all applies to you, no action is required from you. You should have received a payment by the end of May 2022 after the first direct debit payment for the month was received.

In the case of multiple residents who are jointly liable, the payment will be made to the live bank account held for the household, providing the name(s) of the bank account held matches one of those persons named on the council tax bill.

If the direct debit details do not match the council tax bill payer, for example the council tax bill is paid from a third-party bank account, we will use the Post Office voucher scheme to make your payment (see above).


The council tax rebate will be paid to the liable council taxpayer (or an occupant where the property is exempt) where the property occupied meets the following conditions on 1 April 2022.

  1. The property is valued in council tax bands A to D. This includes property that is valued in band E but has an alternative valuation band of band D, as a result of the disabled band reduction scheme. A property’s council tax band is shown on your bill or you can put your postcode into this online tool to find the band for your home (GOV.UK)
  2. The property is occupied as someone’s only or main home
  3. It is a chargeable dwelling, or in exemption classes:
  • N (occupied only by full-time students), where the students are liable for payment of council tax
  • S (occupied only by persons under the age of 18)
  • U (occupied only by persons with a severe mental impairment)
  • W (an annex to a property occupied by the dependant relative of the person living in the main property).

Where the liable council taxpayer does not occupy the property, they will not be eligible. This means that if you are a tenant of a property where the landlord is liable for the council tax bill such as when the premises is a house in multi occupation for council tax purposes (this includes student accommodation in exemption class N), a council tax rebate cannot be paid. However, you may be eligible for a discretionary payment if you pay energy bills directly and your circumstances meet the criteria for the discretionary scheme.

Where a property is in exemption classes S, U or W, the occupant will be eligible for support as will exemption class N where the student/s are liable for payment of council tax and not the landlord.

A property that meets all the criteria but has a nil council tax liability as a result of local council tax support, will be eligible.

Properties that have no permanent resident such as unoccupied properties or second homes will not be eligible.

Changes in circumstances

Changes made to the council tax band of your home after 1 April 2022 will not be taken into consideration.

The exception to this is newly built homes awaiting a valuation band. In these circumstances if the effective date is 1 April or before, a payment can be made provided all the eligibility criteria is met.

The Valuation Office Agency determines the council tax band for each property If you have a question about the band value of a property, please contact 03000 501501.


Payments must be made directly to the council tax bill payer of eligible households. We are required to carry out pre-payment assurance checks to verify that the bank details held match the liable taxpayer named on the council tax records before issuing the payment.

Last updated: Tue 20 September, 2022 @ 16:42