The former leisure centre building has now been demolished, ahead of a decision about the future of the site. 

The current recreation facilities, which include cyclepaths and footpaths, a fishing lake, football pitches and a model railway on the site will remain - with ongoing maintenance. 

We are keen to encourage more leisure and recreation on the site, with paths and cycleways connecting from the new Whitwick and Coalville Leisure Centre.

Developing Hermitage Recreation Ground | Phase 1: An eco-park at Hermitage 

Following Cabinet approval in July, works to progress the first phase to develop part of the Hermitage Recreation Ground into an eco-park will start this autumn.

Residents were invited to share their feedback in April to May with more than 70% of respondents either agreeing or strongly agreeing that the plans:

  • reflect their idea of an eco-park
  • will encourage people to visit the eco-park
  • support the health and wellbeing of residents.

Residents were also asked in June 2022, if they would support the development of an eco-park on the site. Following feedback, 92% of respondents either supported (50%) or strongly supported (42%) the development of an eco-park.

We’ve commissioned a consultant to design some indicative plans which includes:

  • Planting 3,375 additional treesImage showing a plan of Hermitage recreation ground and the area that a proposed eco-park would cover, including a lake, footpaths and forest planting
  • Creating more woodland areas
  • Creating more footpaths throughout the eco-park
  • Installing an adventure trim trail for ages 3 – 18
  • Adding interactive points throughout the eco-park

See the proposed design for the Hermitage Eco-Park here: Hermitage eco-park proposed design (PDF Document, 2.69 Mb)


This project is a cross partnership between North West Leicestershire District Council, Leicestershire County Council, Earthwatch, Everyone Active, National Forest and Forestry Commission.

The project will cost just over £500,000 at no cost to the council or tax payers. It will be funded with contributions from:

  • National Forest Changing Landscapes Scheme
  • Forestry Commission Local Authority Treescapes Fund
  • The Council’s leisure partner Everyone Active
  • The Cropston Drive/Waterworks Road housing development in Coalville
  • The UK Shared Prosperity Fund

Active Community Zone and the future of the Hermitage Leisure Centre Site

Between 2019 and 2021, we also asked for views on an Active Community Zone and the future of the Hermitage Leisure Centre Site.

The former leisure centre building has now been decommissioned and demolished, ahead of a decision about the future of the site.

These plans, as well as plans to create an Active Community Zone, are still being developed and will form part of the second phase of the project.

The development of the eco-park will not be impacted by these plans which can go ahead now.

The project so far

Developing a vision

Following initial feedback from residents, groups and schools children, we commissioned consultants to create a vision for the future of the recreation ground and the site of the former leisure centre. 

This vision is extensive - it includes investment in an eco-park, a community facility with cafe, activity trail and indoor urban sports centre. Some elements of this vision are unachievable without additional funding. 

Please see the presentation showing this vision and the costings here: Future of Hermitage Recreation Ground and former leisure centre site - presentation June 2022 (PDF Document, 1.19 Mb)

Community feedback event and online consultation - June 2022

On 9 June 2022, we held a community feedback event, to ask people for their thoughts on some proposals that we've developed, following our previous consultations. 

A short online survey, also hand-delivered to homes nearest to the site, allowed communities to have their say on the future of the Hermitage Recreation Ground and former leisure centre site.

The feedback from the online survey and the community event will be presented to councillors, along with an options report, at the Cabinet meeting on 19 July 2022. Papers for this meeting will be available ahead of the meeting. 

The feedback will be used in making decisions about the future of the site. Any proposals that are drawn up will also involve community consultation. 

Public consultation - November 2019

On Monday 4 November 2019 more than 200 people came to a dedicated event to discuss the future of the Hermitage site. This was followed by online consultation that finished in January 2020.

This engagement allowed us to get feedback from some of the local community about their priorities for the site, what they would like to see there and what they would not like to see. 

We used this feedback when developing a costed vision for the site.

Reducing trespassing

Following recent incidents at the former Hermitage Leisure Centre and trespassing on the car park, we are working to keep the area safe.

To reduce future trespassing, curb antisocial behaviour and ensure safe use of the Silver Street car park we have installed internal barriers to stop vehicles accessing the former leisure centre site.

More than 40 parking spaces will remain freely available, as we know from recent surveys that there is local daily demand for around 20 spaces. Residents will continue to have access to their properties through the car park.

Emergency vehicles will still be able to access the recreation ground, and alternative parking will also remain at the Hermitage Recreation Ground car park, off Lakeshore Crescent, further along Silver Street.

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