We are currently reviewing a number of our key policies. 

Repairs Policy

As part of the review of the repairs policy we are reviewing our lettable standard when new tenants move into our homes.

For reference a summary of the existing standard is below.

Lettable Standard

The overarching requirement is that all properties let are safe clean and in good working order.

A summary of the works that will be carried out are set out below

Electric and where appropriate gas safety checks will be carried out.

If the property contains a solid fuel appliance this will be checked and repaired as necessary.

Stop taps will be accessible and the location identified for incoming tenant.

Any visible infestations, with the exception of ants, will be treated.

Any major works scheduled in the next 12 months such as kitchens, bathrooms, electrical wiring, heating systems, doors and windows or any of the items that need replacement ahead of schedule due to condition will be replaced whilst the property is void.

Front and rear doors to the property (excluding communal areas) will have their locks changed.

All internal doors should be in good condition and door furniture should operate smoothly, and latches engage properly.

Windows will open, close and lock (were locks fitted) properly and securely, broken glazing will be replaced. There will be no excessive gaps around closed windows, and all seals will be intact and serviceable.

The property will tested for any structural dampness and any remedial works carried out to damp courses. All walls and ceilings will be made free from all signs of previous damp

Polystyrene ceiling tiles will be removed from any room as these are a fire hazard.

Existing textured finishes on ceilings and walls will be left in place, except where it is damaged.

All plasterwork to walls and ceilings will be tested and will be left in good condition.

There will be no gaps to the plaster finishing around sockets, switches or door and window frames.

All floorboards will be fixed and level and any broken boards replaced. There will not be a gap between floorboards of more than 10mm. 

Concrete floors will be clean and reasonably dust free and left in such a condition that a floor covering may be applied by the incoming tenant.

Carpet grippers will be removed from entrance doorways, thresholds and stair treads to avoid injury.

Stair treads and risers will be in sound condition and securely fixed, free from splits and rot, banisters and handrails will be in place, be securely fixed and free from damage.  

1 smoke detector will be fitted in a flat, and 2 in a house.

A minimum of 1 x double kitchen sink unit; 1 x double base unit; 1 x single wall unit will be provided, unless the property has a pantry which will reduce the minimum number of units to 1 x double kitchen sink unit; 1 x double base unit.

Kitchen units will have doors that open and close correctly and are in a serviceable condition.

Kitchen taps will be serviceable and be free from leaks. Where taps are renewed in supported properties, these will be replaced with lever type taps.

A sink plug and chain will also be in place.

There will be minimum of 300mm of worktop space either side of the cooker area.

There will be a minimum of two rows of tiled splash back fitted to worktops. 

Provision will be made for a utility supply of either gas or electricity within the kitchen; this will depend upon the amount of space in the kitchen. 

Any new sink unit, with suitable space will be fitted with washing machine taps and waste connection. A cut out for washing machine pipe work will be provided in the side panel of the sink unit.

No washing machine connection will be supplied if there is a laundry room facility provided within the building.

We will provide a new toilet seat

The WC pan will be clean and free from cracks or chips either in the pan or around the rim. The WC cistern will flush, and the WC pan will be adequately secured to the floor and be level.

Bath and basin taps will be serviceable, with acceptable pressure and be free from leaks. Where taps are renewed in supported properties, these will be replaced with lever type taps.

The bath and basin will have a plug and chain installed and the bath will be free from cracks or large chips.

There will be at least two rows of tiled splash back to the bath and basin, providing the basin is not directly below a window, in which case one row may have to be fitted. All mastic seals will be in good condition. 

If a shower is fitted, the shower components including riser, hose, head and screen will be in good condition. Any tiling that is installed will be adequate for shower use.

Existing decoration will be left intact wherever possible. Where any decoration is in poor condition this will be redecorated.

Electrical fittings will all be in good condition, working, securely fixed, free from cracks, damage and paint splashes.

Radiators, pipework and heaters will all be in good condition, working, securely fixed, free from damage, and paint splashes.

On completion of all works the property will be cleaned and made ready for the incoming tenant.

The roof will be watertight with no missing ridge tiles, missing flashing, slipped or missing roof tiles, damaged gutters, missing stop ends or cracked down pipes. All gutters and rainwater pipes will be free from blockages and debris.

All waste pipes will be watertight, securely fixed and free from blockages.

Due to the nature of such work some repairs may be carried out once the property is occupied.

Gardens will be cleared of all rubbish and unwanted possessions.

The Council will not replace fencing unless it adjoins public footpaths or open areas. Any damaged fencing that is not boundary fencing will be made safe or removed.

All brick outbuildings will be structurally safe and clear of all rubbish, debris, waste and unwanted possessions. The buildings must have a working door and lock. Gas and Electric checks will include any outbuildings.

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Draft Policies

There are four draft policies which will be considered by Community Scrutiny Committee in early April. You can view the draft policies below and send any comments you have to resident.involvement@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

2024 Draft ASB Policy (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

2024 Draft Compensation Policy (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

2024 Draft Decant Policy (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

2024 Draft Repairs Policy (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

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