In NWL we have 6 outdoor gyms located in our parks, by our play areas and within our recreation grounds, so you are never far away from one*. All of our gyms are free to use and suitable for all fitness levels. They are easy to use no matter what your experience level. Outdoor Gym

Where are they located?

  • View a map of our outdoor gyms and facilities outdoor gyms map (PDF Document, 0.78 Mb)

Why visit and use our outdoor gyms? 

Our gyms are easy to access and provide you with the opportunity to get active for free, in a way and at a time that suits you. They can also be enjoyed together with friends and family. Just adding an extra 10 minutes of activity to your day can help you to feel happier and healthier.  

What are the benefits of outdoor gyms? Bosworth Road Outdoor Gym

  • Easy to access in your local area, so they fit in with your schedule
  • They are free to use
  • Inclusive equipment is available
  • You can use them together or alone, there is something for everyone
  • You can be active whilst enjoying the great outdoors
  • Being active helps you stay physically healthy

How do I use an outdoor gym? 

A lot of our outdoor gyms include equipment installed by Wicksteed Playgrounds. 

  • Learn how to use our outdoor gym equipment by watching these videos produced by Wicksteed Playground

Before you start

  • Before starting to exercise ensure that Ibstock Road Outdoor Gymthe exercises that you are intenting to complete are right and safe for you. If you are unsure always consult your GP or healthcare professional first
  • If whilst exercising you feel unwell, dizzy or in pain at any time, stop exercising and gain assistance if required 
  • Follow the manufactures instructions as these vary site to site
  • Users are liable for the own health and safety whilst using the outdoor gym equipment
  • If you are unsure of any of the exercises listed consult a fitness instructor at your local leisure centre, or call Katie Hayes on 07970454473 for more advice
  • Complete a warm-up before beginning any exercise, and a cool down when finished
  • Ensure you surroundings are safe and the equipment is not faulty before using

Your Workout plans

Now you are ready to go, choose one of our workout plans to follow. Please note, these plans are meant as a guide only and should be utilised in a manner that suits the user. Our plans can be used across all 6 of our outdoor gym sites

It is important to do a warm-up before exercising to prepare your body and lower your chances of suffering injury. Completing a cool down also helps to reduce the chances of feeling any possible stiffness the next day 

This plan will give you a full body workout 

Melrose Road Outdoor Gym

One for the legs. This plan is ideal for when you want to focus on your lower body strength 

One for your arms and core. This plan is ideal for when you want to focus on your upper body strength 

This plan will get your abs and trunk working 

Improving your co-ordination can help you in your everyday life 

For some more ideas take a look at the National Trust Outdoor Gym 31 day plan

If you would like more information on our outdoor gyms, or if you would like to give us some feedback specifically about outdoor gym equipment use, please contact: Katie Hayes on 07970454473 or email 

*Note: Not all outdoor gym sites are managed by North West Leicestershire District Council. Please see the list of information about each site to find out who each site is managed by. Gym equip whitwick parkMillfield Rec Ground Outdoor Gym

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