Textile reuse and recycling collections

How?Textile heart

  • Please put textiles in a plastic carrier bag or stretchy bag for life, no bigger than 50cm x 50cm
  • Tie the top tightly to stop any water getting in
  • Please do not use black bin bags or charity bags (we legally cannot take charity bags)
  • Please leave textiles next to your red boxes and blue bag(s) as the crew who empty the boxes and blue bag will collect the textiles.

What can I recycle?

Yes please:

  • Clean clothing, shoes and handbags
  • Coats, scarves and gloves
  • Clean sheets and linen

No thanks:

How can you help?

Unfortunately, wet textiles are not of a high enough quality to be reused or recycled. Please make sure your carrier bag is tightly tied to stop any water getting in. This will help to make sure your old clothes, shoes and accessories are sent to those who need them - and any unwearable items are recycled.

Please don't use bags bigger than 50cm x 50cm. If you have lots of bags to put out, you can help us by spreading them out over a few collections as the space on the recycling lorry can fill up quickly.

Where does it go? 

Once we have collected your old clothes we take them to our recycling depot in Coalville. They are then collected by Ward Recycling who take them to their warehouse in Ilkestone where they are pre-sorted. 

As much of the clothing is reused as possible. Ward work with local charities to source particular re-wearable items which are given to, for example, the homeless and to women and children escaping violence.

The remaining items are baled and sold to companies in the UK or in Europe, United Emirates and India to be reused by those who need them.

By donating your unwanted clothing items for reuse and recycling, you’re allowing people in the UK and abroad the opportunity to buy items they otherwise may not be able to afford. You’re also…

  • Giving clothing a new lease of life
  • Supporting the Circular Economy
  • Preventing textiles going to landfill sites
  • Helping reduce greenhouse gases
  • Raising money for local charities
  • Conserving energy.

Bra reuse and recycling charity scheme

Unwanted bras can be donated to the Against Breast Cancer reuse and recycling scheme. Bras in both good and poor condition can be taken to two donation bins in the district:

The bras will be sent for reuse in countries where bras are expensive to produce locally, or recycled so the materials can be repurposed. Against Breast Cancer receives a donation of around 70p for every kilo collected, providing vital funds for breast cancer research.

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