Women's Health 

This page is where you will find support advice for Women's health including Mental Health, Menopause support, female cancer support and Pre-and Post-Natel information.  


women supporting each other through menopause

The menopause is a natural life-stage where your periods stop due to having lower hormone levels. These symptoms can be impactful on your life. How you navigate work, relationships and your overall health and wellbeing. This life event isn't something to deal with privately and with the right support; this experience can be a lot easier. Take a look at the Menopause support page to see information and support for helping you during this time. 

Smear Tests

Cervical screening (a smear test) is a test to check the health of the cervix and help prevent cervical cancer. It's offered to women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64. 

For infomation about the cervical screening smear tests, check out the Smear Tests Page

Female Cancer Support

Some cancers only affect females and are listed below. Some trans men and non-binary people (who are born female) can also get these cancers.

For infomation about Female Cancers and support available, check out the Female Cancer Support Page

Pre and Post-Natel Support

To find out how to get help for your mental health before, during and after pregnancy please see the NHS mental health in pregnancy page for infomation, self-care resources and support services. 

To get support to get active, remain active and connect with other mums locally, visit the Active Mums Club webpage. The Active Mums Club is the go to place in Leicestershire for anything relating to pregnancy and post-baby physical activity. They want local mums to know about the importance of physical activity during pregnancy - and how to go about doing it safely. It might be that you are looking for advice, things to do in your local area, or people to meet. They want to help with that. 

Sexual Health Support 

Good sexual health is important for everyone. Support is available to help you with everything from healthy relationships to preventing disease and finding the correct contraception for you. For sexual health related support and information, take a look at the Leicestershire Sexual Health Webpage and NHS Sexual health page

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