Planning permission is often, but not always required for building and engineering work, and for changes in the use of land or buildings. 

Sometimes it is possible to carry out building work or to change the use of land or premises without having to apply for formal planning permission. 

However, sometimes development is carried out without planning permission when it is required, or it does not properly follow the detailed plans or comply with conditions attached to planning permissions.

When this happens, serious harm can be caused to the environment or the way that people live. Residents and businesses have a right to expect that harmful activities are dealt with effectively. In order to ensure this, a harm prioritisation system is in use. Details explaining how this works can be found in the Planning Enforcement Policy at the bottom of the page.

Find out more information about work that might not need planning permission

Some work might be in breach of planning controls.  This is work like:

The planning system regulates the development and use of land in the public interest, under powers set out in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and the council has various enforcement powers.

You can now view the enforcement register online

If you wish to report a potential breach please use the online form Planning enforcement issue - North West Leicestershire District Council ( or email or call 01530 454665

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