Men's Health

This page is where you will find support advice for Men's health including Mental Health, Male cancer support, and other infomation

Men's Mental Health

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Mental Health can affect anyone of any gender. But men tend to not reach out for the support when they need it. Seeking support for mental health shouldn't be seen as a sign of weakness and you should not feel like you have to suffer in silence. Have a look for support at our Men's Mental Health page for more infomation. 

Male Cancers

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Some cancers only affect men. To find out about the cancers that commonly affect men then take a look at the Male Cancer Page

NHS Health Check

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The NHS Health Check is a free check-up of your overall health. For information about the NHS Health check, take a look at the NHS Health check page 

Sexual Health Support 

Good sexual health is important for everyone. Support is available to help you with everything from healthy relationships to preventing disease and finding the correct contraception for you. For sexual health related support and information, take a look at the Leicestershire Sexual Health Webpage and NHS Sexual health page

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