On 28th June 2016 the content of the Publication Local Plan was agreed at a meeting of Full Council. Before the Council could submit the Local Plan to the Secretary of State it was required, in accordance with Regulation 19 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning)(England) Regulations 2012, to publish the Local Plan and to invite representations on it. 

The consultation on the Publication Local Plan and accompanying documents ran for a period of 6 weeks beginning on Monday 4 July until 5pm on Monday 15 August 2016.

All of the comments that were received were submitted to the Secretary of State and considered as part of the Examination of the Local Plan by Mr Brian Sims, an independent Planning Inspector. Further information can be found on the Local Plan Examination webpage.

Statement of Representation (Word Document, 0.12 Mb)

Local Plan Documents 

Proposed Publication Local Plan 2016 (PDF Document, 1.93 Mb)

Publication Local Plan Main Policies Map (PDF Document, 8.3 Mb)

Publication Local Plan Inset Policies Maps (PDF Document, 24.95 Mb)

Areas Potentially Suitable for Small Scale wind Energy (PDF Document, 7.51 Mb)

Areas Potentially Suitable for Medium/Large Wind Energy (PDF Document, 7.47 Mb)

Key Evidence 

Viability Report June 2016 (PDF Document, 1.61 Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal for Publication (PDF Document, 8.94 Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal for Publication Non Technical Summary (PDF Document, 0.96 Mb)

Shadow Habitats Regulations Assessment To Inform The Habitats Regulations Assessment Of The Local Development Plan (PDF Document, 2.09 Mb)

NWL Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016 (PDF Document, 16.15 Mb)

Review of Housing Requirements (2011-31) (April 2016) (PDF Document, 0.99 Mb)

Background Papers

Background Paper 1 - Policy S1 (PDF Document, 0.76 Mb)

Background Paper 2 - Policy S2 (PDF Document, 0.86 Mb)

Background Paper 3 - Policy S3 (PDF Document, 0.36 Mb)

Background Paper 4 - Policies H1, H2, H3 and H4 (PDF Document, 1.04 Mb)

Background Paper 5 - Policy H7 (PDF Document, 0.49 Mb)

Background Paper 6 - Policies Ec1, Ec2 and Ec3 (PDF Document, 0.48 Mb)

Background Paper 7 Policy Ec4, Ec5, Ec6 (PDF Document, 1.27 Mb)

Background Paper 8 - Policy Ec7 (PDF Document, 1.58 Mb)

Background Paper 9 - Policies Ec8 to Ec12 (PDF Document, 10.97 Mb)

Background Paper 10 - Policy En1 (PDF Document, 12.12 Mb)

Background Paper 11 - Policy En2 (PDF Document, 0.64 Mb)

Background paper 12 policy En5 (PDF Document, 1.13 Mb)

Duty to Cooperate Statement (PDF Document, 0.39 Mb)

The Local Plan Advisory Committee has previously considered the comments received to the consultation undertaken between September and November 2015 and we published a series of tables setting out the Council’s response to the comments with the exception of comments made regarding the housing requirements. The table below now sets out the Council’s response to the comments made.

Representations on Local Plan Policy S2 (PDF Document, 0.95 Mb)

Further Evidence Base documents 

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