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Local Plan Examination

Local Plan Examination

The Inspector

The Secretary of State has appointed Brian Sims BSc CEng MICE MRTPI as the Inspector to undertake the independent examination of the North West Leicestershire Local Plan.  His role is to determine whether the Plan is sound and complies with all legal requirements.  The criteria for soundness are whether the Plan's policies are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

Programme Officer

Carmel Edwards has been appointed as the Programme Officer for the examination and will deal with all procedural, administrative and programming matters.  She is independent from the Council and reports directly to the Inspector. All correspondence or queries relating to the examination should be directed to the Programme Officer.

Contact details

Ms Carmel Edwards

c/o North West Leicestershire District Council
Council Offices
Whitwick Road
LE67 3FJ

Telephone: 07969 631930

Examination news

22 March 2017 A new document has been added to the examination library. (EX/93) This can be viewed below.

16 March 2017 The Inspector has produced a Final agenda relating to the resumed hearings on 21/22 March.  This can be viewed below in the list of Hearing agendas.

15 March 2017 Two new documents have been added to the library and can be viewed below.(EX/91 & EX/92)

14 March 2017 Further statements on HEDNA and main modifications have been received.  They can be viewed on the Local Plan Positions Statements page. As well as their further statements the Council have added several documents to the library (EX/84-EX/90). These can be viewed below.

3 March 2017 The Council have responded to the letter regarding HEDNA, and provided an accompanying spreadsheet. (EX/82 & EX/83). These can be viewed in the Examination Library.

20 February 2017 A letter has been received regarding HEDNA (EX/81) and the Inspector has responded with a further Note (IN/10). These can be viewed in the Examination Library.

17 February 2017 The Inspector has produced a further guidance note (IN/09) and agenda relating to the resumed hearings in March to discuss the HEDNA. These can be viewed below.  Please note that the dates for the further hearings have changed slightly to 21/22 March.

14 February 2017 Leicester City Council has written to all HMA Local Planning authorities. A copy of this letter has been added as EX/78 and can be viewed below in the Examination Library.

13 February 2017 Further Positions Statements have now been received in relation to the HEDNA.  These can be viewed on the Position Statements page.

07 February 2017 The Council has issued their response to the questions raised by the Inspector in document IN/08.  

NWLDC response to IN/08 (PDF Document, 0.77 Mb) 

NWLDC River Mease response to points h and i (PDF Document, 2.26 Mb)

30 January 2017 The Council have now produced papers giving the implications for the Local Plan arising from the publication of the HEDNA, for both housing and employment. These are now available to view on the Council's website and in the examination library below.

27 January 2017 Key evidence about the future need for housing and employment land in Leicester and Leicestershire has been published. The Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA) is now available to view on the council's website.

17 January 2017 The inspector has issued further guidance regarding the HEDNA. (IN/08).  This can be viewed below in the Examination Library.

5 January 2016 The hearing sessions opened at Heartwood Conferencing Ltd, Coalville. Please note that the session on Day 2 (Friday 6 January) begins at 9am.

28 December 2016 The inspector has issued agendas for the hearing sessions.  They can be viewed and downloaded from the Hearing sessions section on this page.

21 December 2016 The examination page has been updated with details of the hearings venue.

19 December 2016 Position Statements received for the hearings are now available and can be viewed on a separate Position Statements page.  The examination document library has also been updated.

7 December 2016 In agreement with the inspector the Council have now produced additional information to inform the examination. These documents can be viewed in the documents list at EX/17 - EX/22.

6 December 2016 The inspector has now issued his Schedule of Matters for discussion and programme of hearings.  This can be viewed in the documents list on this page as IN/06.

1 December 2016    The council draft Schedule of Main Modifications has been added to the examination library. This can be viewed in the documents list on this page as EX/16.

15 November 2016     The inspector has issued a notification to those intending to participate in the examination hearings. (EX/11) Representors have been contacted directly.  He has also issued a guidance note for participants, a schedule of matters for discussion with an outline programme and further comments for the council.  These can be viewed in the documents list on this page at IN/03 - IN/05.

10 November 2016  The Inspector issued his initial questions and comments to the council on 3 November.  This can be viewed in the documents list on this page as IN/02.  The council responded on 8 November. Its response and supporting documentation can be viewed at EX09 - EX/10.

19 October 2016  The Inspector issued his Preliminary note for the council. (IN/01) This can be viewed in the document list on this page.

31 October 2016   The council has made its formal response to the Preliminary note.  Please see items EX/02 - EX/08 in the documents list on this page.

Hearing sessions

The Inspector is conducting a series of public hearings as part of the examination process. The main hearings opened on Thursday 5 January 2017 and ran until 16 January 2017.  Further hearings will take place on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 March to discuss the new Housing and Employment Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA), suggested Main Modifications and other outstanding matters.  The agenda for Days 7 and 8 is available to view below.

The venue is:

Heartwood Conferencing Ltd
Rothley House
Coalville Business Park
LE67 3NR

The venue is close to the town centre and a few minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. It is 10 minutes drive from the M1 - J22 or the M42 - J13. Follow the signs for Coalville Business Park. On entering the Business Park take the second left between the buildings.  Rothley House is on the left.

Here is a map showing the venue in relation to the town centre. Heartwood map (PDF Document, 0.2 Mb)

The venue is on the ground floor, fully accessible and has ample free parking. Please contact the Programme Officer if you have any queries regarding the hearings.  All sessions are open to the public to observe.

Hearing agendas

The inspector issued his Opening remarks and Agendas for the hearings.  These were not examination documents and differed slightly on the day. The full timetable is listed in the Inspector's 'Schedule of matters and programme of hearings' IN/06 (PDF Document, 0.29 Mb).

Inspector's opening remarks (PDF Document, 0.11 Mb)

Agenda Day 1 am (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Agenda Day 1 pm (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Agenda Day 2 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb) 

Agenda Day 3 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Agenda Day 4 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Agenda Day 5 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Agenda Day 6 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Agenda Day 7-8 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)  (Now superceded)

The inspector has now issued his Final agenda for the resumed hearings, for days 7 and 8.  This replaces the previous agenda issued on 17 February 2017.

Final Agenda - Days 7-8 (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)

Examination library

Visit the Submission evidence documents page for documents submitted with the Local Plan and background documents that informed the production of the Local Plan. This examination page will list documents relating to the examination and will be updated as the examination progresses.

The consultation on the Publication Local Plan ran for a period of six weeks from 4 July to 15 August 2016. Representations received during this period can be viewed on the Local Plan Submission page.


Documents from the Inspector

IN/01 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Preliminary note to the Council by the Inspector

19   October 2016

IN/02 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Initial questions and comments to the Council 

3   November 2016    

IN/03 (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)    

Inspector’s Guidance note

15   November 2016

IN/04 (PDF Document, 0.13 Mb)  

Draft schedule of matters for discussion and outline       programme of hearings

15   November 2016

IN/05 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)  

Further comments to the Council from the inspector

11   November 2016

IN/06 (PDF Document, 0.29 Mb) 

Schedule of Matters and programme of hearings

6   December 2016

IN/07 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)  

Response to HEDNA letter of 22 December 2016

22 December 2016

IN/08 (PDF Document, 0.11 Mb) 

Further Guidance from the Inspector

17 January 2017

IN/09 (PDF Document, 0.12 Mb)

Further guidance from the Inspector re HEDNA

17 February 2017

IN/10 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Note from inspector in response to letter from representors (EX/81)

20 February 2017

Documents received during the Examination

EX/01 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Acknowledgment letter from the Council

24 October 2016

EX/02         (PDF Document, 0.1   Mb)

Council response to Preliminary note

October 2016

EX/03         (PDF Document, 0.55   Mb)

Summary of Issues

October 2016

EX/04         (PDF Document, 0.1   Mb)

Joint Statement by HMA Authorities

October 2016

EX/05         (PDF Document, 0.28   Mb)

Advice note from Keith Holland

March 2016

EX/06         (PDF Document, 0.36   Mb)

Background note for Keith Holland

March 2016

EX/07         (PDF Document, 0.1   Mb)

Letter to Planning Minister

April 2016

EX/08         (PDF Document, 0.1   Mb)

Letter from Planning Minister

May 2016

EX/09     (PDF   Document, 0.24 Mb)

Council  response to Inspector’s initial questions and comments (8 November   2016)

November 2016

EX/09A     (PDF   Document, 0.1 Mb)

Appendix A:Proposed change to Policy S3

November 2016

EX/09B     (PDF   Document, 0.1 Mb)

Appendix B: Statement of compliance with PINS procedural practice

November 2016

EX/10     (PDF   Document, 0.79 Mb)

PAS Soundness checklist

November 2016

EX/11     (PDF Document, 0.22   Mb)  

Hearings invite letter 15 November 2016

November 2016

EX/12 (link)

Charnwood Local Plan Inspector’s report

September 2015

EX/13     (PDF Document, 0.29 Mb)

Appeal decision Ref 3005052

January 2016

EX/14     (PDF Document, 0.13 Mb)

Appeal decision Ref 2217036

October 2014

EX/15     (PDF Document, 2.86 Mb)

Appeal re Stephensons Green

August 2012

EX/16 (PDF   Document, 0.28 Mb)

Schedule of main modifications

 December 2016

EX/17 (PDF   Document, 0.41 Mb)

Background paper 4 update

 December 2016

EX/18 (PDF   Document, 0.77 Mb)

Housing sites position as at 1 October 2016

 December 2016

EX/19 (PDF   Document, 0.23 Mb)

Housing trajectory as at 1 October 2016

 December 2016

EX/20 (PDF   Document, 0.2 Mb)

Affordable housing trajectory as at 1 October 2016

 December 2016

EX/21 (PDF   Document, 1.21 Mb)

Housing completions April 2011 – October 2016

 December 2016

EX/22 (PDF   Document, 0.18 Mb)

Rolling 5 year assessment

 December 2016

EX/23 (PDF Document, 0.44 Mb) 

Memorandum of understanding NWLDC & Iceni Projects Ltd

December  2016

EX/24 (PDF Document, 0.24 Mb)

Statement of Common Ground – NWL Council & Historic England

 December 2016

EX/25 (PDF Document, 0.48 Mb)

NWL Draft Local Plan Background Paper 6 (Submitted by IM Properties)

EX/26 (PDF Document, 1.71 Mb)

Picking up the Pace (Submitted by IM Properties)

July 2016

EX/27 (PDF Document, 1.46 Mb)

West Midlands Strategic Employment Sites Study (Submitted by IM Properties)

September 2015

EX/28 (PDF Document, 1.33 Mb)

North Warwickshire Employment Land Review Update (Submitted by IM Properties)

September 2013

EX/29 (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)

Appeal Decision land south east of the M42 Junction 10, Tamworth,   Warwickshire (Submitted by IM Properties)

September 2016

EX/30 (PDF Document, 2.78 Mb)

Barton Willmore’s OAHN Assessment for NW Leicestershire and     Leicestershire HMA (Submitted by Gladman Developments)

December 2016

EX/31 (PDF Document, 0.23 Mb)

Appeal Decision re land at Cottage Farm, Oadby (Submitted by   Rosconn Strategic Land)

January 2015

EX/32 (PDF Document, 0.15 Mb)

High Court Judgment (Submitted  by Rosconn Strategic Land)

 October 2015

EX/33 (PDF Document, 0.25 Mb) 

Court of Appeal Judgment (Submitted by Rosconn Strategic Land)

 July 2026

EX/34 (PDF Document, 0.29 Mb)

Email from The Coal Authority to the Council re Money Hill site - 21   September 2016

 September 2016

EX/35 (PDF Document, 18.02 Mb)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment – Climate Change Addendum

 December 2016

EX/36 (PDF Document, 0.14 Mb)

Letter to Inspector re HEDNA update (22 December 2016)

December 2016

EX/37 (PDF Document, 3.27 Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal Report Update

December 2016

EX/38 (PDF Document, 1.87 Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal Report Update – Non-Technical Summary

December 2016

EX/39 (PDF Document, 0.48 Mb)

Annual Monitoring Report 2015/16

January 2017

EX/40 (PDF Document, 0.39 Mb)

Ashby de la Zouch Neighbourhood Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening

May 2016

EX/41 (PDF Document, 2.63 Mb)

East Midlands Gateway – Examining Authorities Report

October 2015

EX/42 (PDF Document, 0.28 Mb)

East Midlands Gateway – Secretary of State’s Decision Letter

January 2016

EX/43 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Comparing OBR and Experian Rates Data (Justin Gardener)

August 2016

EX/44 (PDF Document, 0.3 Mb)

Comparison between Experian and OBR Participation Rate Projections (Experian)

February 2016

EX/45 (PDF Document, 2.57 Mb)

East Midlands Gateway SFRI: Socio-economic Aspects – Chapter 4

July 2014

Examination documents added during the hearings

EX/46 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Letter from Leicester City Council re HEDNA 4 January 2017

January 2017

EX/47 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Proposed Main Modification by way of addition to Policy Ec2        submitted by IM Properties

January 2017


South Derbyshire Adopted Local Plan

June 2016

EX/49 (PDF Document, 3.29 Mb)

EX/49a (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

South East Coalville Masterplan and Examination cover sheet

November 2016

EX/50 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)   

Council opening remarks by Jim Newton

January 2017

EX/51 (PDF Document, 0.4 Mb)

High Court Judgment Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council v Jelson Limited

November 2016

EX/52 (PDF Document, 0.18 Mb)

Revised Rolling 5 Year Assessment

January 2017

EX/53 (PDF Document, 0.43 Mb) 

Small Sites – Permissions at 14 December 2016

January 2017

EX/54 (PDF Document, 0.29 Mb)

Map showing Strategic Rail Freight Interchange in relation to major cities

January 2017

EX/55 (PDF Document, 0.78 Mb)

Wider plan of Money Hill site showing proposed access points and     routes in.

January 2017

EX/56 (PDF Document, 0.85 Mb)

Supply and Demand Report for land at Money Hill

January 2017

EX/57 (PDF Document, 3.02 Mb)

Jelson Homes Objectively Assessed Needs: Leicester and     Leicestershire

December 2016

EX/58 (PDF Document, 0.75 Mb)

Economic Growth Prospects: Leicester and Leicestershire

October 2016

EX/59 (PDF Document, 0.39 Mb)

Map identifying sensitive areas in Appleby Magna

January 2017

EX/60 (PDF Document, 0.34 Mb)

NWL Cabinet report 20 September 2016

September 2016

EX/61 (PDF Document, 0.21 Mb)

NWL Cabinet Report 20 September 2016 – background papers

September 2016

EX/62 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Transcript of speaking notes for Matter 9 re River Measham. (Ashby Civic Society)

Chris Tandy

EX/63 (PDF Document, 0.27 Mb)

Policy EN5 submission requested by Inspector                                       

January   2017

EX/64 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Council response to Representation by Mr Nettleton (117)

January 2017

EX/65 (PDF Document, 4.12 Mb)

HEDNA: Main Report

January 2017

EX/66 (PDF Document, 2.97 Mb)

HEDNA: Appendices

January 2017

EX/67 (PDF Document, 0.72 Mb)

HEDNA: Executive summary

January 2017

EX/68 (PDF Document, 0.21 Mb)

Leicester & Leicestershire Authorities Joint Statement of Cooperation

January 2017

EX/69 (PDF Document, 0.18 Mb)

Implications for the Local Plan arising from the publication of the HEDNA - Housing

January 2017

EX/70 (PDF Document, 0.24 Mb)

Implications for the Local Plan arising from the publication of the HEDNA - Employment

January 2017

EX/71 (PDF Document, 2.82 Mb)

HS2 Safeguarding Maps for NWL

November 2016

EX/72 (PDF Document, 0.65 Mb)

Housing sites position as at 1 October 2016 (revised version of EX/18 with page numbers)

February 2017

EX/73 (PDF Document, 0.26 Mb)

New trajectory as at 1 October 2016 including policy numbers (Revised version of EX/19)

February 2017

EX/74 (PDF Document, 0.18 Mb)

Revised rolling 5 year assessment (Further revised version of EX/22)

February 2017

EX/75 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Cabinet  Report - November 2012

February 2017

EX/76 (PDF Document, 0.77 Mb)

Response to matters raised by the inspector in letter of 17 January (IN/08)

February 2017

EX/77 (PDF Document, 2.26 Mb)

River Mease special area of conservation – issues pertaining to DCS1 and DCS2. Response by NWL Council

February 2017

EX/78 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Letter from Leicester City Council to HMA LPAs 13   February 2017

February 2017

EX/79 (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)

Advice Note re HEDNA from Paul Tucker QC

February     2017

EX/80 (PDF Document, 0.18 Mb)

Email from Ashby Town Council – update on Neighbourhood Plan

February     2017

EX/81 (PDF Document, 0.11 Mb)

Letter from representors 17 February 2017

February     2017

EX/82 (PDF Document, 0.75 Mb)

Response from NWL Council to HEDNA letter of 17 February 2017

March   2017

EX/83 (Excel Spreadsheet, 0.1 Mb)

NWL Response to HEDNA letter - accompanying spreadsheet

March   2017

EX/84 (PDF Document, 0.5 Mb)

Local Plan Viability Review Addendum

March 2017

EX/85 (PDF Document, 5.83 Mb)

June 2013 Cabinet report - Coalville

Jun 2013

EX/86 (PDF Document, 0.41 Mb)

Plan of Battleflat (Interlink) Bardon

March 2017

EX/87 (PDF Document, 0.49 Mb)

Plan of Lounge Employment site

March 2017

EX/88 (PDF Document, 0.36 Mb)

Plan of Ivanhoe Business Park

March 2017

EX/89 (PDF Document, 0.18 Mb)

Plan of Ashby Business Park

March 2017

EX/90 (PDF Document, 0.2 Mb)

Plan of Pegasus Business park

March 2017

EX/91 (PDF Document, 0.13 Mb)

Email   from NWLDC re Oadby & Wigston

March   2017

EX/92 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Letter   from Oadby & Wigston

March   2017

EX/93a (PDF Document, 2.4 Mb)

Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic

Distribution Study: Update Report

Scope   A

Jan   2017

EX/93b (PDF Document, 1.34 Mb)

Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic

Distribution Study: Update and

Refresh of Outputs and Conclusions

Scope   B

Jan   2017

EX/93c (PDF Document, 3.01 Mb)

Wider   Market Developments: implications for Leicester and Leicestershire Final   Report

Jan   2017

EX/94a (PDF Document, 0.12 Mb)

Covering   email from GVA (22 March 2017)

Mar   2017

EX/94b (PDF Document, 0.36 Mb)

Letter   re Hall Lane, Whitwick (3 Feb 2017)

Feb   2017

EX/95 (PDF Document, 0.25 Mb)

Bicknacre   Appeal Decision

May   2016

EX/96 (PDF Document, 10.07 Mb)

Great   and Little Leighs Appeal Decision

June   2016

The Examination process

If you wish to find out in more detail how the examination will be carried out the Planning Inspectorate has produced a useful guide: Examining Local Plans Procedural Practice.

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