Which container?

Glass needs to be kept separate from plastics, cans and tins so please put them in a separate red box. If you've only got one red box, please order an extra red box. You can follow our advice for putting out extra recycling whilst you wait for a red box to be delivered.

If you share communal recycling bins, please put glass in your glass recycling bin.

Which plastics can I recycle?

Yes please…

  • Glass bottles
  • Glass jars
  • Non-food bottles, e.g. perfume, aftershave, face creams

No thanks…

  • Food remains
  • Drinking glasses
  • Pyrex dishes
  • Plate glass
  • Mirror glass
  • Light bulbs and tubes
  • Vases.

We can’t recycle the items above because they have a different composition and can’t go through the same recycling process. For example Pyrex is heat resistant and has a different melting temperature to a beer bottle. This can cause imperfections in the new recycled glass.

You can really help by rinsing your glass bottles and jars before putting them in the red box. Plastic or metal lids can be removed and put in the other red box with your plastic/cans/tins/foil so they can be recycled.

Where does it go?

Find out what happens to your glass bottles and jars and what it is recycled into.

Last updated: Tue 2 July, 2024 @ 11:00