Which container?

Cardboard is collected in the yellow bag, along with brown paper. If you have more cardboard than will fit in the bag, you can order as many extra yellow bags as you need.

What paper can I recycle?

Yes please…

Large cardboard boxes which do not fit in your yellow bag(s) can be left next to your red boxes - but they must be flattened to no larger than 2ft x 2ft.

Please also remove any packaging such as polystyrene, plastic film/wrapping and any plastic straps. We can only collect clean cardboard (without any food left on it).

No thanks…

  • Cartons/Tetra Paks e.g. fruit juices and UHT milk cartons.
  • Un-flattened cardboard
  • Polystyrene, plastic straps or plastic wrapping
  • Food remains or grease on any cardboard recycling

Please visit our Recycling A-Z for advice on how to recycle the items above.

Where does it go?

Find out what happens to your cardboard and what it is recycled into.

Last updated: Tue 25 October, 2022 @ 16:56