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What can I recycle and where?Image of recycling containers in North West Leicestershire

We collect your recycling on alternate weeks to the black bin. Find when your collections are due to take place. Please remember to put your containers and bins out before 6am on your collection day (or the night before).

For your recycling and garden waste we provide:

  • Red boxes (glass and plastic/cans/tins/foil)
  • Blue bag (paper)
  • Yellow bag (cardboard and brown paper)
  • Brown-lidded bin (garden waste).

If you need more space for your recycling, you can order more red boxes, blue bags and yellow bags at no extra cost.

Can't find what you're looking for? Check our Recycling A-Z for advice on recycling the items we can't collect.

Red boxes

This is for mixed household plastic packaging, food tins, drinks cans, clean foil, glass bottles and jars.

You can mix plastics, cans and tins in the same red box, but please keep glass in a separate red box on its own.

Find out which items can be recycled in the red box:

Please rinse your recycling and squash plastics and cans to maximise space in your box and on the collection vehicle. Please do not put extra recycling in plastics bags, instead order an extra red box from us at no additional cost or follow our advice for putting out extra recycling.

The yellow bag

This is for clean cardboard such as cereal boxes, pizza boxes & frozen food boxes. Please also put any brown paper such as brown envelopes and packaging in the yellow bag.

Please make sure all cardboard is flattened to 60cm x 60cm as the compartment on the vehicle is only 60cm wide. Take care to remove any packaging such as bubble wrap and polystyrene.

Full list of what can be recycled in the yellow bag

The blue bag

This is for paper such as newspapers, magazines, envelopes (including plastic windows) and catalogues. Shredded paper should be put in a carrier bag before being put in your blue bag. Please put any brown paper in the yellow bag with your cardboard.

Please take care to remove any plastic packaging from junk mail or magazines.

Full list of what can be recycled in the blue bag

The brown lidded bin

This is for any compostable garden waste such as leaves, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and small branches. Please do not put any food waste in your garden bin – even if it has been grown in your garden.

Full list of what can be composted in the brown lidded bin

Carrier bag (textiles)Image of carrier bag full of clothes and shoes

We can send your unwanted clothes and shoes for reuse and recycling. Please put them in any carrier bag or a stretchy plastic bag for life and tie the top. You can leave this out with your red boxes for collection.

Please do not use charity bags (as we legally cannot accept them) or black bin bags.

More information on textile recycling

Recycling batteries and mobile phones

We can collect used batteries and mobile phones. Please put them separate to each other in a recyclable container with a lid such as a jam jar, margarine tub or plastic takeaway container. You can then put this out next to your red boxes. We will recycle the container you have put them in too.

Find out which types of batteries we can accept

Recycle even more with TerraCycle

Did you know you can recycle lot of 'hard to recycle' items such as crisp packets, pet food pouches, stationery, dental products, make up and more? Head to TerraCycle's website to find out more!

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