Energy Switch helps residents switch energy suppliers, move to a renewable electricity tariff and save money on their energy bills. Switching with the scheme means you can benefit from the bargaining power of a large group - and by buying a renewable tariff it helps the environment. 

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What is an Energy Switch?

Energy Switch is a national scheme that allows people to join together to buy electricity and gas, which usually brings the price down. The more people who join the scheme, the bigger the savings.

It’s  simple...... participants just register for the scheme and their details go into a collective auction, where energy suppliers bid for the registrations.  The cheapest supplier wins the auction and will send each registered  household their energy offer.  Participants are under no obligation to take the offer, but if you do take it, the switch is automatically completed by the scheme. You can even sign up if you’re on a pre-payment meter. The Energy Switch is run by our partner, iChoosr. 

Will I save money?

How much you can save will depend on how much energy you currently use and what you are paying. If you have stayed with the same supplier for a long time or aren't on a competitive tariff then you are more likely to save money. The contract you are offered is normally for 12 months so the savings are based on what you will save over that time if you switch.

Zero carbon branding in colour - approved Feb 2021Logo for Big Community Switch - energy switching programme run by iChoosr

Last updated: Mon 18 March, 2024 @ 09:27