Climate Emergency Declaration and Zero Carbon Roadmap

On 25 June 2019, we declared a Climate Emergency and appointed specialist environmental consultants to help develop our response to the need to reduce the council’s and the district’s carbon emissions. 

This resulted in the publication of our Zero Carbon Roadmap in November 2019 which, along with the accompanying Action Plan, was adopted by the council on 31 March 2020.  The Action Plan focuses on carbon emissions, their sources and how to reduce them and identifies recommended actions to achieve Net Zero Carbon status.  

Our targets are to achieve a Net Zero Carbon Council by 2030 and a Net Zero Carbon District by 2050. 

Zero carbon branding in colour - approved Feb 2021

If you want to find out more about our plans, read our NWLDC Zero Carbon Roadmap - Full Report (PDF Document, 3.72 Mb) and NWLDC Zero Carbon Roadmap - Action Plan (PDF Document, 0.96 Mb)

Year three achievements

Below is a summary of our year three achievements on our Zero Carbon journey, along with an insight into year four activities.

Zero Carbon year three achievements (PDF Document, 0.29 Mb)

Infographic of zero carbon achievements year 3 and plans for year 4

Do you want to learn more about our Zero Carbon achievements and plans?

Each year we report our progress and plans to Corporate Scrutiny and Cabinet.  Read our Zero Carbon Summary Report - July 2023 (PDF Document, 0.28 Mb) for further details which has links to the full Cabinet reports or check out our previous years' achievements on the "Related Documents" below.

Zero Carbon Grants

As part of our Zero Carbon commitment, we are offering Zero Carbon Grants of £50 to £500 each for environmentally-focused community projects across the district of North West Leicestershire.  

Learn more or apply for a Zero Carbon Grant.  

Recycle more

Recycle more is a key element of our Zero Carbon Roadmap.  Learn more about our Recycle more activity and our exciting food waste trial.

Did you know we also provide a trade waste collection service to support businesses?  Learn more about this service.

Embedding Zero Carbon in our work

Our Zero Carbon Roadmap is owned by our Strategic Director of Communities who, along with our Chief Executive and other members of the officer senior leadership team, regularly attend programme meetings to review progress and plans.

The impact of the Environment and Climate Change are considered in all Scrutiny and Cabinet reports and there is a Community and Climate Change Portfolio Holder.

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