Healthy Lifestyle 

On this page you can find advice on aspects of leading a healthier lifestyle, including:

Older adults in a woods taking part in a guided walk

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating should be enjoyable as well as being good for you. We know you’re busy so we want to help you make healthier food choices and enjoy doing it too. It’s about making simple changes that you can stick with to keep your heart healthy and look after yourself and your family.

There are lots of good reasons for you and your family to eat well. A good diet, together with being physically active, is an important part of staying healthy and feeling your best.

For more infomation and support with Healthy Eating, take a look at our Healthy Eating Page.

Healthy Weight

There is a lot of information about healthy eating, physical activity and weight management out there and available. But, it's difficult to determine what is right and healthy for you. 

To reach and stay at a healthy weight over the long term, the focus should be on your overall health and lifestyle habits and not just on what you eat.

Take a look at our Leicestershire Weight Management Page and Children and Families Weight Management Page for more information about the support available. 

Long Term Health Support 

Long term Health conditions can impact your life and may require help and support to manage. You may have found your own way of coping, but there are services and charities available that can provide practical and emotional support to you. 

We have provided the Long Term Health Support page to show the sources of support available across North West Leicestershire and the wider county. 

Alcohol Support 

Many people enjoy having an alcoholic drink, but for some people it can cause concerns for their health and wellbeing.

Take a look at the Alcohol Support Page for more information about the support available. 

Substance Misuse

With the right help and support, it is possible to be substance free and maintain that lifestyle. Take a look at the Substance Misuse page for information and advice about substance misuse. 

Health and Active Referral Scheme

The health and active referral scheme offers people who are inactive (less than 30 minutes of activity a week) and have a long-term physical or mental condition access to appropriate physical activity. People need encouragement and support to help them to make the first steps to becoming more active on a regular basis, and this is what the Exercise Referral Scheme is all about.

Take a look at our Exercise Referral Page for more information about the support available. 

Stopping smoking

It may not be easy – but it is possible!

And as there has never been a more important time to quit smoking, make today the day for taking your first step on your quit journey.

Take a look at our stop smoking page for more infomation about the support available. 

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