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There is a lot of information about healthy eating, physical activity, and weight management out there and available. But, it’s difficult to determine what is right and healthy for you.

This is where the Leicestershire Weight Management team are here to help.

The service is available to *eligible residents in Leicestershire and Rutland.

To reach and stay at a healthy weight over the long term, the focus should be on your overall health and lifestyle habits and not just on what you eat.

The Leicestershire Weight Management service offers you the opportunity to improve your quality of life through healthy lifestyle changes. These are changes that are simple to follow in your day-to-day life and more effective with maintaining a healthy weight.

As a team, we understand the benefits of support and motivation to achieve lifelong success with keeping fit and healthy. That’s why we’re here. We will guide, support, and help you to achieve your health goals.

With us, you will learn ways to increase your physical activity, prepare meals, and eat healthier, so you can live the life you want to live.

Our team understand and care about any challenges you may face and want you to get the most of the weight management service. We’ll get you on the right track and work with you to build the confidence to continue your journey independently.

Along the way you will meet likeminded people and have some fun. You are not alone.

For more information or to self refer follow the link below:

Weight Management - LCC Weight Management (leicestershirewms.co.uk)

Last updated: Wed 13 December, 2023 @ 10:17