Long Term Health Support 

Long term Health conditions can impact your life and may require help and support to manage. You may have found your own way of coping, but there are services and charities available that can provide practical and emotional support to you. 


British Heart Foundation 

Carer Support for Long Term Health Conditions

Dementia Support Sevices

You may be experiencing memory issues or are concerned for someone else's memory. Or if you or someone you care for has dementia, then there are support services available to support you.

Arthritis Support 

Although artiritis is a common condition; experiencing arthritis can affect your quality of life. If you are experiencing arthritis, there is support available to support you and make life easier.

Health and Active Referral Scheme

The health and active referral scheme offers people who are inactive (less than 30 minutes of activity a week) and have a long-term physical or mental condition access to appropriate physical activity. People need encouragement and support to help them to make the first steps to becoming more active on a regular basis, and this is what the Exercise Referral Scheme is all about.

Take a look at our Exercise Referral Page for more information about the support available. 

Last updated: Fri 12 April, 2024 @ 14:38