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The North West Leicestershire Local Plan was adopted on 21 November 2017. It sets out a strategy for delivering the homes, jobs and infrastructure needed in the district between 2011 and 2031.

Policy S1 of the plan says that we would start a review within three months of adoption.  We therefore undertook a Local Plan Partial Review - Issues Consultation (PDF Document, 0.27 Mb) between February and April 2018.

We are now considering all of the comments made during the Issues consultation and are assessing what additional/updated evidence we will need to produce before preparing the next version of the Plan review.

Local Plan Consultation Database

Please note: If you wish to be kept informed of progress on the Local Plan Review, you can email us at with your name, organisation (if applicable), postal address and email and we can then keep you up to date with future consultations.

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