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What is an evidence base?

An evidence base is a collection of information we use to understand the area where we live and work. This includes such studies on issues including housing, employment and the environment.

It also includes programmes and strategies developed by the council, its partners and other key organisations with an interest in North West Leicestershire.

The studies, strategies, programmes and statistics that make up the evidence base are crucial to producing a robust Local Plan review.

What makes up the Local Plan review evidence base?

A number of studies that were undertaken to aid the preparation of the current Local Plan are still relevant to the Local Plan review.  These can be found on our Adopted Local Plan Evidence documents page.  This includes a Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA) and a Strategic Distribution Study.

We have now started producing additional/new evidence specifically for the Local Plan review.  These will appear below as they progress.

Sustainability Appraisal - Read about our ongoing progress on producing a Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating a health impact assessment and equalities impact assessment) of the emerging Local Plan review.

Review of Existing Employment Sites (PDF Document, 5.68 Mb) - A review of existing active employment sites and sites under construction in the district, completed in January 2019.

Retail and Leisure Capacity Study (PDF Document, 4.75 Mb) - An assessment of existing and future retail and leisure requirements in the district, completed in February 2019.

Area of Separation Study (with Appendices 1 & 2) (PDF Document, 0.89 Mb) and Area of Separation Study (Appendix 3) (PDF Document, 9.89 Mb) - An assessment of the Area of Separation between Coalville and Whitwick, including the appropriateness of the boundary used in the adopted Local Plan.

Local Housing Needs Assessment - Report 1 (PDF Document, 0.26 Mb) - This report is the first of three that will be provided and deals with the overall level of housing need in the District. Subsequent reports will consider the profile of the population and housing (including looking at a smaller area (i.e. below District level)) and also the needs of particular groups in the population – including consideration of affordable housing need and the needs of older and disabled persons.

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