Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and other planning guidance are not part of the statutory Development Plan, but are an important consideration when we're deciding on planning applications.

Draft Diseworth Village Design Statement (2020)

We have recently completed a consultation on the draft Diseworth Village Design Statement (2020). The consultation closed on Monday 28th September 2020. 

An earlier version of the village design statement was adopted by the District Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance in 2000. Long Whatton & Diseworth Parish Council has now reviewed and updated the village design statement  to reflect the adopted North West Leicestershire Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework.  As part of the review process, the parish council undertook a first round of consultation and this is explained in the Consultation Statement.   

The draft village design statement includes analysis of the character of the village and provides guidance on the form and design of new development. It covers the village of Diseworth and the surrounding countryside.

Draft Diseworth Village Design Statement August 2020 (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

Map of the area covered by the Draft Diseworth Village Design Statement August 2020 (PDF Document, 0.65 Mb)

We received 7 responses to the consultation on the draft VDS;

Cadwallender Family Response (PDF Document, 0.86 Mb)

Canal & River Trust Response (PDF Document, 0.13 Mb)

Castle Donington Parish Council Response (PDF Document, 0.23 Mb)

Coal Authority Response (PDF Document, 0.34 Mb)

Environment Agency Response (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)

Leicestershire County Council (Minerals) Response (PDF Document, 0.14 Mb)

Natural England Response (PDF Document, 0.16 Mb)

Next steps: The parish council and district council will review the comments we have received and decide on any changes needed to the draft village design statement as a result. The expectation is that the village design statement will be adopted by the district council as a Supplementary Planning Document. This will mean that it will become a material consideration when planning applications in Diseworth area are considered.

Good Design Supplementary Planning Document

 The Good Design SPD was adopted by the Council on 25 April 2017 following public consultation.

It provides support to the Design Policies set out in the Local Plan.

Cycling Strategy Supplementary Planning Document

Policy IF1 of the adopted Local Plan (Development and Infrastructure) and policy IF4 (Transport Infrastructure and new development) identify that, amongst other matters, the council will seek the provision of new cycleways as part of new developments.

To support this Cycling Strategies have been prepared for both Coalville and Ashby de la Zouch.  These identify a number of potential routes across and through both areas together with the measures required to implement them. 

The Strategies were adopted as SPDs on 12 September 2018.

Cycling Strategy SPD - Part 1 (Coalville)

Cycling Strategy SPD - Part 2 (Ashby de la Zouch) (PDF Document, 0.68 Mb)

In adopting the Ashby de la Zouch cycling strategy, the Council agreed that there may be an alternative route to section 20-22 as set out below:

Alternative to Sections 20-22 (PDF Document, 2.84 Mb)

A Consultation Statement and an Adoption Statement have both been prepared to accompany the adoption of the SPDs.

Cycling Strategy SPD - Consultation Statement (PDF Document, 0.21 Mb)

Cycling Strategy SPDs - Adoption Statement (PDF Document, 0.18 Mb)

Shop Fronts and Advertisements Supplementary Planning Document

The Shop Fronts and Advertisements SPD was adopted by the Council in June 2019.

It supplements national and local planning policies relating to the conservation of the historic environment, the design of new development generally and the design of shop fronts specifically.

Village Design Statements

We have adopted two village design statements - for Diseworth and Appleby Magna.  Where appropriate these documents may be taken into account as a material consideration when we're determining planning applications.

Diseworth Village Design Statement (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Appleby Magna Village Design Statement (PDF Document, 8.69 Mb)

The Council previously operated a number of other SPDs/planning guidance - however following the adoption of the Local Plan these were withdrawn and are no longer used to guide development in the district.

Statement of Requirements for Developer Contributions in Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council has approved a 'Statement of Requirements for Developer Contributions in Leicestershire'. While we haven't approved this document, applicants are advised to look at this before submitting a planning application.

Leicestershire Planning Obligations Policy December 2014 (PDF Document, 0.78 Mb)

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