In 2018 we developed a new five year Tenant and Leaseholder Involvement Strategy. The strategy was developed with a group of tenants in a task and finish group.

The strategy set out clear aims of the housing service to involve tenants and leaseholders in the continuous improvement of the housing service.

The strategy has six objectives:

  1. Housing Services
  2. Recourses and support
  3. Developing the options for tenant and leaseholder involvement
  4. Information and consultation
  5. Monitoring and measuring performance
  6. Neighbourhood management and tenant and leaseholder involvement

We will be reviewing the strategy on an annual basis in conjunction with our Tenant and Leaseholder Consultation Forum and The Landlord Services Working Group.

You can read the strategy here:

NWLDC Tenant & Leaseholder Involvement Strategy 2018-2023 (PDF Document, 0.47 Mb)

If you have any comments or feedback in relation to the strategy pleased contact The Resident Involvement Team on 01530 454680 or email

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