We are a group of volunteer tenants scrutinising systems and procedures within the housing department to identify and suggest areas of improvement.    

Tenant scrutiny offers a real opportunity for tenants and residents to contribute directly to improving the quality and value for money of housing services.

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel has an excellent track record of helping to shape and improve our housing services and 100% of recommendations made by the panel have been approved by Cabinet and implemented by the housing service.

The Scrutiny Panel meet monthly and is currently carrying out an inspection of the Housing Grounds Maintenance Service and Garden Tidy Scheme, and their most recent inspection was looking at the Resident Involvement Function.

If you would like to know more about the Tenant Scrutiny Panel or if you would like to get involved please contact the Resident Involvement Team on 01530 454680 or email resident.involvement@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

Previous Inspection Reports:

Resident Involvement Function, February 2022 Resident Involvement Function Report (Word Document, 0.22 Mb)

Leasing of Garages, March 2021 TSP Leasing of Garages (Word Document, 0.11 Mb)

Repairs - Right First Time, Sep 2019 TSP Repairs - Right First Time (Word Document, 0.13 Mb)

Estate Management Services, Nov 2018 TSP Estate Management Services (PDF Document, 0.16 Mb)

Complaints, Nov 2017 TSP Complaints (Word Document, 0.12 Mb)

Anti-Social Behaviour, Oct 2016 TSP ASB (Word Document, 0.12 Mb)

Responsive Repairs, Feb 2016 TSP Responsive Repairs (PDF Document, 0.19 Mb)

Rent Arrears & Evictions, March 2015 TSP Rent Arrears (PDF Document, 0.13 Mb)

Decent Homes, February 2014 TSP Decent Homes Report (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

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