The Social Housing White Paper set the requirement for landlords to survey their tenants annually.  The questions asked have been developed and set by the Regulator of Social Housing.  

The results will allow you to be able to compare the performance of North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) as your landlord with other social housing providers across the region and country.  The following results, together with ten separate Landlord Measures will be submitted to the Regulator from April 2024 with publication expected late summer 2024.

We provided the opportunity for every tenant to complete the survey during June and July 2023, as a minimum, the Regulator required 515 responses.

We actually received 1,187 replies returned by post or online, so thank you, the results are published below:

64%  Overall satisfaction with the housing service                                      

62%  Satisfaction with repairs                                                               

55%  Satisfaction with time taken to repair                                              

56%  Satisfaction with home maintenance                                               

64%  Satisfaction that you feel safe at home                                          

44%  Satisfaction that your landlord listens and acts                                

48%  Satisfaction that NWLDC keeps you well informed                            

60%  NWLDC is fair and respectful                                                           

26%  Satisfaction with complaints handling                                              

52%  Satisfaction with communal areas                                                   

44%  Satisfaction with your neighbourhood                                              

44%  Satisfaction with handling of anti-social behaviour    

In order to reflect the proportion of tenants living in sheltered/supported properties to those in general needs, which in North West Leicestershire is one in every four tenants, the results required slight adjustment by our external partners in this exercise, NWA Social & Market Research, by around 1% point in total.

If you haven't previously, or would like to complete the survey again, you'd be most welcome, please follow the link below.

If you have any questions please contact Customer Services on 01530 454545 or David Moxon Income & Systems Team Leader on 01530 454792

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