Let’s make England a great walking and cycling nation

North West Leicestershire District Council have led on the development of a North West Leicestershire Cycling and Walking Strategy with the support of Leicestershire County Council. The stragey has been developed in consultation with numerous partners such as; parish councils, neighbouring district and borough councils, the National Forest Company, local community groups, local cycling and walking groups, NWL School Sports Partnership, woodland groups and trusts, cycling destinations and the public. A full list of consultees can be found in the strategy. 

This Strategy sets out the approach that the District Council and partners intend to take at a local level to deliver on the Government’s ambitions to make England a great walking and cycling nation. This, in turn, will provide the evidence base for us to develop and publish a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), something that will be required to be able to access funding to improve the cycling and walking infrastructure and network across the district. 

Getting more people to cycle and walk within North West Leicestershire and beyond will:

  • Enhance the area’s profile as an attractive place to live, work and visit,
  • Contribute to the drive to encourage residents and visitors to increase levels of physical activity,
  • Develop healthier communities and
  • Help reduce CO2 levels and harmful particulates, such as PM2.5. 

Public consultation on the North West Leicestershire Cycling and Walking Strategy is now complete and we have started the second phase to develop a North West Leicestershire LCWIP. LCWIPs are designed to allow local authorities to take a long-term approach to the development of networks of walking and cycling routes that connect places that people need to get to, whether for work, education, shopping or for other reasons. They are based on evidence of existing and future travel patterns and current barriers to walking and cycling. LCWIPs include network plans for walking and cycling which identify preferred routes and core zones for further development, and a prioritised programme of infrastructure improvements for future investment.

North West Leicestershire Cycling and Walking Strategy - Full Version (PDF Document, 7.56 Mb) 

NWL Cycling and Walking Strategy Condensed (PDF Document, 5.74 Mb)

Last updated: Fri 12 April, 2024 @ 16:42