Children and Young People

The Children and Young People Page is where you will find information for your children from birth all the way through to support for teenagers. Below you will be able to find out about Healthy Tots, Healthy Schools, The Teen Health Service and the Children and Family Mental Health information. 

Healthy Totshealthy tots webpage

Healthy Tots is a health promotion programme offered to early years settings in Leicestershire. Our free programme helps early years setting to enhance and showcase their activities and efforts into providing a healthy environment for their children, parents and staff. The programme aims to provide support to establish a 'healthy culture' within early years settings empowering staff, children and parents with a view to improve health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities.

The programme has been developed by the Public Health team at Leicestershire County Council using a whole setting approach to support settings with their requirements for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework and OFSTED.

For more information about the Healthy Tots Programme, please see the Healthy Tots webpage

Healthy Schoolshealthy schools website

Healthy Schools is a programme delivered by Leicestershire County Council with a vision to support all Leicestershire and Rutland schools to create a positive environment that improves the health and wellbeing of pupils, school staff & the wider school community whilst reducing health inequalities across our communities.

The Healthy Schools accreditation runs for both Primary and Secondary schools and showcases the school's best practice and a commitment to improving health and wellbeing of the school community. 

For more information about the Healthy Schools Programme, please see the Healthy Schools Webpage

Teen Health Serviceteen health service

Teen Health is a team of caring and dedicated Health and Wellbeing Officers who work across Leicestershire and Rutland to provide health and emotional wellbeing advice and support. The Teen Health service focus' on young people of secondary school age and above, working hand in hand with you either at your secondary school or within your local community.

At Teen Health, the ultimate aim is to help all children and young people in Leicestershire and Rutland live healthier and happier lives. They provide support through a range of options such as group work, workshops, and one-to-one sessions. The team can also help you get in touch with other services if needed. 

Teen Health officers work closely with school pastoral teams to identify and work with students. Should any support be needed for a young person, please also speak to the pastoral team at your school. 

For more information about the Teen Health Service and online information, please see the Teen Health Website.

Healthy TogetherHealthy together service llr

Healthy Together is a universal service for children and their families from 0-11 in Leicester city and 0-11 in Leicestershire and Rutland.

There are a range of services available for every child and their family – from before the baby is born right up to the age of 11, including the health visiting and school nursing services.

For infomation about the service and support available please see the Healthy Together webpage 

Children and Families Service

The Children and Families Service provide early help services to a child, young person or family, where they are experiencing difficulties that cannot be supported by universal services, such as schools or GPs alone. You will also find advice on how to take care of your or your child's mental health and wellbeing, as well as how to get urgent help in situations when someone is in danger. Find more information about the service through the Children and Families Support Page.

Holidays Together holidays together logo

Active Together, working with Leicestershire County Council are coordinating the Department for Education funded Holiday Activities & Food Programme (HAF), known as 'Holidays Together', across Leicestershire.

Leicestershire Holidays Together is a free and exciting Department for Education-funded holiday programme for school-aged children and young people who are:

  • attending Reception to year 11 (inclusive)
  • receiving benefits-related free school meals.
  • living in Leicestershire.

For more information about the Holidays Together Programme, please see the Holidays Together page.

Oral Health 

It’s essential young children form good oral hygiene habits from an early age to prevent tooth decay and dental extractions. Teeth are required for eating, speaking, space mainainers and self-esteem. 

For support on oral health habits and finding a dentist please see the Leicestershire County Council Oral Health Page

Children and Young Person Mental Health 

Growing up can be challenging and testing for a young person trying to navigate how they feel about themselves and the world around them. For mental health advice and support for children and young people; please see the Children and Young Person Mental Health Page. 

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