What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans are not compulsory but communities have the option of preparing such a plan if they wish to. Unlike other forms of planning policy they are usually written by the community itself and not by the district council or national government - although the community has to ensure that its plan is in line with national and local planning policy. Neighbrouhood Plans have to be independently examined and then voted upon in a local referendum as to whether or not it should be formally adopted.

Where are Neighbourhood Plans currently in operation?

The following Neighbourhood Plans have been 'made' and should be used to help determine planning applications in the relevant areas:

Where are Neighbourhood Plans currently being prepared?

The following Neighbourhood Plans are currently being prepared in the district:

Where can I find out further information?

Planning your plan

The following document might help you to decide if a Neighbourhood Plan is right for your community. Completing this is not a requirement, however it might help you to plan for your Neighbourhood Plan. 

Neighbourhood Planning Pre Designation Template (Word Document, 0.12 Mb).

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