On this page you will find useful information about what to do when you are viewing a property and essential information about what you should be thinking about after you move into your new home.

Viewing a Property?

Have you have been successful to view a NWLDC property that you have recently bid for through the council’s Choice Based Lettings site?

Before your viewing we would like to share some documents with you, please read these documents and bring any questions you may have with you to the viewing.

Here is a link to a copy of the tenancy agreement you will be signing if you accept the property Tenancy Agreement 2023 (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

And here is a link to the Tenant's Handbook - Tenant's Handbook 2022 (PDF Document, 2.04 Mb)

NWLDC take part in the central government’s Continuous Recording of Social Housing Lettings and Sales (CORE). This is to gather statistical data around the types of properties we let and the make up of the tenants at the property. Please read the CORE Privacy Notice. CORE Privacy Notice (PDF Document, 0.2 Mb)

Now that you have accepted your new property here is some more useful information:

Welcome to your new home, now you have your keys there are a few essentials that you need to do:


You will need to set up accounts with gas / electric / water suppliers.

Your current supplier is British Gas they can be contacted on Tel: 0333 202 9802

Severn Trent Water Tel: 03457 500 500


The gas supply to your boiler is currently capped off for safety reasons, to get this uncapped you need to contact 01530 454635.

 * If you have pre-payment meters you will need to ensure you have credit on your meters.

Paying your rent

A bar coded letter will be sent to you in the post within 5 days of your tenancy starting. This can be used to pay your rent at any pay point stores, you will then receive a payment card in the coming weeks.

If you would like to set up a Direct Debit please call our Rent Accounting team on 01530 454798

If you receive help to pay your rent through Universal Credit you will need to contact them to report a change of address

If you receive Housing Benefit you will need to report the change here: Report a change in circumstances - benefits - North West Leicestershire District Council (nwleics.gov.uk)

If you would prefer to speak with someone and request a paper copy, please call 01530 454545

Do you need to make a fresh claim for benefits? The below link will give you details of some of the Benefits you can claim towards paying your rent and how to make the claim

Apply for benefits - North West Leicestershire District Council (nwleics.gov.uk)

Change of Address

Please use the below links to change your address for Council Tax (please note, council tax support is different) and the Electoral Register

Council Tax Change of address

Registering or changing your address for the electoral register

Decoration Voucher

As part of your letting, you may be issued a decoration voucher for a paint pack, this will be discussed with you when you view the property. If you are to receive a voucher this will be issued to you either on an email or via the post with the below booklet. The booklet includes how to order the pack and the paint colours available.

Decoration booklet (PDF Document, 0.69 Mb)

Other Useful Information

Housing Management

Your Housing Officer can be reached by calling 01530 454660 or emailing housing.mgt@nwleicestershire.gov.uk As they spend a lot of time out on the district you may be greeted by one of our experienced Housing Assistants who will be able to help with your contact.


To report a repair the contact details are:

Contact Number: 01530 454635

Online Form: Housing - Report a Repair - North West Leicestershire District Council (achieveservice.com)

Email: repairs@newleicestershire.gov.uk

We do understand you will be excited to decorate your new home. If the walls do have wallpaper on them, we do ask you follow the below guide:

 Wall paper letter (PDF Document, 0.5 Mb)

Please remember if you would like to make any alteration to your home permission by NWLDC must be granted. To find out how to request permission please follow this link:


Please read our Repairs Handbook which can be found here: Repairs Handbook July 2021.pdf (nwleics.gov.uk)

For more information about our repairs service please visit: More repairs information - North West Leicestershire District Council (nwleics.gov.uk)

Contents insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out contents’ insurance as NWLDC are not responsible for any loss / damage to your belongings. The below link will provide details of our approved supplier

Council home contents insurance - North West Leicestershire District Council (nwleics.gov.uk)

Resident Involvement

We have a dedicated Resident Involvement Team who work closely with the tenants and residents of the district to help shape the service of the council. If this is of interest and to get an idea of what they do, please follow the below link:


Replacement Bins

If you require replacement bins or recycling boxes, you can order these here:

Request a new, replacement or bin repair - North West Leicestershire District Council (achieveservice.com)

Request replacement recycling containers - North West Leicestershire District Council (achieveservice.com)

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