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We work closely with local Police, the Fire Service, Leicestershire County Council and others to tackle a range of crime related issues and keep people safe in our community.

We manage the district's 'Safer North West Partnership'. Check out our community safety pages to find out more about the partnership and its current priorities.

Or you can ask Leicestershire Police a question.

Advice about keeping safe

There are some simple steps which everyone can take to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime – both at home and in public.  By following the links below you can access information and advice on protecting yourself, your home, vehicles, and businesses.

Personal safety 

The chances of you or a member of your family becoming a victim of a violent crime are rare (e.g. assault or mugging). 

But by taking some basic precautions and using your common sense you can reduce the risk even further. Here's some places you can find out more:

At Home

Out and about   

Theft from the person

On holiday  

Using public transport     

Online security  

Mobile Phone safety

Safety tips for older people    

Advice for students  

Chatroom safety advice for kids  

Child Exploitation & Online Protection

Stranger danger tips for kids  

Protecting your home

Many burglaries occur where houses or windows are left open or unlocked. If you make sure your home is fully secured you can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary. Leicestershire Police have more advice:


Garden crime    

Tips for sheds  

Tips for garages  

Distraction burglary or bogus callers   

Tips for going on holiday  

Your personal items  

Installing an intruder alarm  

Protecting your business

Business crime can take many forms - it can be targeted against a single person working in business, against a single business, or a number of businesses in the same sector or geographical area.

Examples include commercial robbery, theft by employees, theft of and from vehicles, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage. Get advice from these places:

Putting Crime Out of Business (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)  - advice from the Home Office

Business and Retail


Cash Handling    


Vehicle security 

Having your vehicle, bike or belongings stolen can be distressing and cause a great deal of inconvenience. By taking some simple steps you can avoid being an easy target for thieves.

Steer Clear of Car Crime (PDF Document, 0.41 Mb)  Home Office Booklet

Steer Clear of Cycle Theft (PDF Document, 1.01 Mb)  Home Office Booklet

BikeRegister – National organisation where you can record and register your bicycle. This will aid recovery should it be stolen. 

Advice from Leicestershire Police





Satellite Navigation  


Rural Crime  

Metal Theft    

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