The Council is required (by Regulations) to prepare and maintain a register of brownfield land within the district that is suitable for residential development. Through Brownfield Registers, a standard set of information is made publicly available to help provide certainty for developers and communities and encourage investment in local areas. The data will be updated on an annual basis, at the end of the year.

The Register has been compiled in accordance with the Brownfield Land Registers Data Standard

The definition of what constitutes Brownfield (or previously developed land) can be found in Annex 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

If you wish to submit a brownfield site for consideration in future versions of the register please download a site submission form from our Submit a Site page.

The current register documents (December 2022) are below:

Brownfield Land Register 2022

Brownfield Land Register 2022 (PDF Document, 0.15 Mb)

Brownfield Land Register 2022 (CSV File, 0.1 Mb)

Brownfield Land Register Information parameters V2 (PDF Document, 0.73 Mb)

Maps Showing Sites (in pdf format for general use)

BLR 2022 Acresford and Oakthorpe (PDF Document, 0.27 Mb)

BLR 2022 Appleby Magna (PDF Document, 0.33 Mb)

BLR 2022 Ashby de la Zouch N (PDF Document, 0.87 Mb)

BLR 2022 Ashby de la Zouch S (PDF Document, 1.07 Mb)

BLR 2022 Blackfordby (PDF Document, 0.36 Mb)

BLR 2022 Breedon on the Hill (PDF Document, 0.32 Mb)

BLR 2022 Coalville (PDF Document, 1.62 Mb)

BLR 2022 Donisthorpe and Moira (PDF Document, 0.77 Mb)

BLR 2022 Ibstock and Heather (PDF Document, 0.74 Mb)

BLR 2022 Kegworth (PDF Document, 0.64 Mb)

BLR 2022 Measham (PDF Document, 0.7 Mb)

BLR 2022 Newbold (PDF Document, 0.28 Mb)

BLR 2022 Ravenstone (PDF Document, 0.45 Mb)

BLR 2022 Whitwick (PDF Document, 0.82 Mb)

Maps in Shape file format (for use in GIS only)

Brownfield Land Register 2022 Shapefiles (ZIP Archive, 0.1 Mb)

We also have information available relating to the Previous Brownfield Land Register.

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