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The majority of the evidence base documents are now available on the Submission Evidence Documents webpage, this can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Other documents that support the LDF can be viewed below.

Equalities Impact Assessment 

This document assesses the likely implications from an equality and diversity perspective of the various policies and proposals in the Core Strategy.

Eia Background - March 2013 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Eia Table - March 2013 (PDF Document, 0.51 Mb)

District Profile

District Profile March 2012 (PDF Document, 1.22 Mb)


Charnwood forest regional park

The Draft East Midlands Regional Plan recognises the need for measures to protect and enhance the particular character of the Charnwood Forest through a Regional Park initiative.

The County Council is leading the development of options for the future of the Charnwood Forest area in partnership with Charnwood Borough Council, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, North West Leicestershire District Council, Natural England, GOEM, EMRA and the National Forest.

A Draft Vision Statement has been prepared for the Charnwood Forest Regional Park and consultation ran until until 13th February 2009.

For more information please click here to view Leicestershire County Council's webpage.

6C's Green Infrastructure Study 

6 C's Gi Strategy Volume 1 - Sub Regional Strategic Framework - July 2010 (PDF Document, 3.24 Mb)

6 C's Gi Volume 2 - Action Plan (PDF Document, 1.28 Mb)

6 C's Gi Volume 3 - Baseline Information Review and Strategic Gi Audit (PDF Document, 12.6 Mb)

6 C's Gi Volume 4 - Strategic Gi Network (Derby Pua and Sub Regional Centres) (PDF Document, 11.17 Mb)

6 C's Gi Volume 5 - Strategic Gi Network (Leicester Pua and Sub Regional Centres) (PDF Document, 5.63 Mb) 

6 C's Gi Volume 6 - Strategic Gi Network (Nottingham Pua and Sub Regional Centres) (PDF Document, 7.26 Mb)

Employment land

Employment land: updated demand forecasts january 2012

The District Council commissioned Roger Tym and Partners to provide an up to date forecast of likely future employment land needs which take account of the findings of the Leicester and Leicestershire Housing Requirements Study. The report also provides a partial update of their 2005 Employment Land Study.

Paragraph 3.11 of the report identified a requirement for 134 hectares of employment land for the period 2006-2031. The calculation below sets out what the residual requirement is, taking account of the following as recommended in the report:

  • land that was committed to employment use (i.e. has planning permission) as at 31st March 2011 (Y1):
  • starts of employment land from 2006 until 2011 (Y2) when looking at the requirements for 2011 to 2031, and
  • what existing employment land might be lost in the future. In accordance with the advice at paragraph 4.10 of the report, an allowance for future losses based on an assessment of historical results has been made (Z1) as well as land included in the commitments figure (Y1) which we no longer expect to make provision for employment use (Z2 and Z3).

Tym's study requirement            -        134.00   X

Commitments at April 2011         -        85.82   Y1 

Starts 2006-2011                      -        43.13   Y2

                                                      128.95   Y

Losses allowance (2006-2031)    -         29.50   Z1

Woodville Woodlands                -         4.83   Z2

Swainspark                             -          5.00   Z3 

                                                      39.33   Z

Final residual requirement (X - Y + Z) = 44.38


Employment Land - Updated Demand Forecasts January 2012 (PDF Document, 1.2 Mb)

Employment land availability assessment (elaa) 2014

Employment Land Availability Assessment 2014 (PDF Document, 10.4 Mb)

Housing land availability assessment

The Council initially undertook an Urban Housing Potential Study in 2005. A copy of this can be viewed below.

Urban Housing Potential Study 2005 (PDF Document, 7.13 Mb)

The Council undertook an update to the 2005 study in 2007 (now known as a Housing Land Availbility Study).

Housing Land Availability Assessment July 2007 (PDF Document, 8.28 Mb)

The Council consulted on the Housing Land Availability Study in January/February 2008. In particular, in order to ensure that we are aware of, and can consider, all potential housing sites across the district, the Council invited landowners and developers to submit details of potential housing sites.

No decision has been taken by the District Council as to any omissions or the suitability of the sites for development. This decision will only be taken following consideration of all consultation responses. Once completed, this study will comprise our Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment as required by Planning Policy Statement 3.

Transport Modelling Evidence

A variety of reports have been prepared using the Leicestershire County Councils Leicester and Leicestershire Integrated Transport Model (LLITM). These can be viewed below.

Transport Modelling (Option 5) (PDF Document, 1.68 Mb)

Highways Analysis of Bardon Relief Road (PDF Document, 0.86 Mb)

Llitm Emissions Maps (PDF Document, 4.04 Mb)

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