Strategic Growth Plan

The Strategic Growth Plan has been prepared by the ten partner organisations in Leicester & Leicestershire to provide a long term vision that will address the challenges we face and the opportunities presented to us. It is a non-statutory plan but it sets out our agreed strategy for the period to 2050. We will deliver the strategy through our Local Plans.

All 10 partners formally resolved to approve the ‘for governance’ version of the plan at a series of meetings held during November and December 2018. The Growth Plan was approved by this Council at the Council meeting on 13 November 2018

The final version of the Strategic Growth Plan is available for download below.  It is published alongside the Sustainability Statement, a document that describes the plan making process, explains how the findings of the sustainability appraisal were taken into account and informed the evolution of the plan, and confirms the indicators that will be used to monitor progress against sustainability objectives.  The Sustainability Statement is also available for download below:

Final Strategic Growth Plan (December 2018) (PDF Document, 4.13 Mb)

Strategic Growth Plan Sustainability Statement (PDF Document, 0.19 Mb)

Further information on the process involved in producing the Strategic Growth Plan can be found on the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan website.

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